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£20 to insure my gf who is 21

I recently added my girlfriend to my insurance for a trip to London so we could share the drive.

It was going to be £18 per week or £26 to add her for the remainder of the policy. So I just added her for the remainder of the policy (about 1 month).

I got a renewal through the quote was £490 fully comp for my myself(policy holder) and my mum and girlfriend(named drivers)

I was also in a job requiring high mileage last year and the policy was for 30k a year.

I thought I will call up remove my girlfriend and reduce the mileage to 10k and that should bring the cost down.

Sure enough reducing the mileage brought it down to £380

But to remove my girlfriend was only going to reduce it to £360!!!!

This I cant believe. I can only assume that the system calculated the cost taking into account that she was already on the policy after I added her for the trip!

I really cant believe it is only £20 to insure her for a full year. She is only 21.

  Ex Ph-Quick

firstly I guess you drive a 1.5DCI?

Secondly if your north of 25 well done on the 21 year old mrs

thirdly that not a bad saving.

Yep a 1.5dci not exactly a sporty model :( I know but was the only option when I was doing 30k a year!!

I am only 23 I will however congratulate myself cause she is hot in my own opinion of course :D

Another massive saving on the insurance was when I added business use class 1 it brought my premium down by £60 last year. I was pissing and moaning when my work told me i need it I was sure it would cost more!!

Finally I was the same McBunny, her insurance wanted £400 to insure me for 6 months!!!


and she is more unsafe than me 24, 2 years ncb, 3 points for sp30 tsk tsk

me 25, 5 years, 6 points sp50 and 60 my insurance for the year was about the same as what they wanted extra for me on hers


ClioSport Club Member

G/F added me for one day, £18, points and claim and a half years ago.

Yet to add her to mine, should do at some point.

Shes getting a company car soon, lets see if theyll put me on that, lol, I bet they wont.