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£300 new speakers & Amp recommend plz

Hi i got £300 to spend on some new speakers and an amp ive already upgraded the headunit to a pioneer one. Ive been looking about but just wanted to see what kind of stuff you guys would recommend (sort of tried and tested)in my price range. Cheers

as brun says

what set-up

co-ax / comps

front, rears, fronts & rears?

could suggest thousands of combinations, but need to know what you want

4 channel amp was gonna just change the fronts, but might as well change the back while im at it. Is it worth putting comps in front and back or sticking to coax in the rear?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

can you afford to lose a little boot space ?

you would be better buying a 4 channel amp, a sub, and some components for the front, forget the rears you dont really need them, if you feel you do jus stick some coax in

Yeh im not too fussed about my boot space tbh but i dont really want to be messing about with making mdf boot installs and all that, havent got the patience. I was thinking about leaving the rears in but then i thought if i get good front speakers then mebby it would be let down by the standards in the rear. Could you recommend a good 4 channel amp and some components for the front then.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

for a bargain setup mate......

you can currently get some JBL packages at Motor World, your talkin £169 at most which is the 4 channel amp package with 12" sub and box, all you would need is a wirin kit which would be about £25

also, some JBL components are on offer aswell, usually £99 but they are down to about £55 now......GTO506c IIRC

all that would leave you cash to spare
  Skoda Fabia vRS

for the cash it would be a decent setup, obviously you can get better but i think you would struggle to get better for the same cash
  One with a few more

Try Cad for some reduced PGold stuff atm. Although most people find they dont go much wrong with the typical Alpine S 12" sub for around £90

Sorry inets been down, like the selection there brun cheers for the help im gonna order what you recommended. Is there a guide floating about on how to install the stuff, ive got a ruff idea but want to make sure im doing it right.

Well i know how to run the power cable, its the removing of the dash im worried about my mate whos gonna fit it is pretty clued up, its just the air bags and all i saw the mention of a guide but gotta be a member and they aint accepting new members till the new sites up.