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£600 to spend

by next week i should have around £600 to spend im looking for a megane bottom end but no luck any suggestions would be great (i already have exhaust,filter,hillpower chip)

Nitrous? re-profiled cams? If you go to the correct people you could get cams re-profiled, fitted and hill power chip all within budget!

its the thought of that 2ltr that is stopping me do what you have suggested mate i am aiming for the turbo conversion in about 6 months but want the 2ltr first just want it to keep me interested till then if you know what i mean

alrite scott its bondy we met at the pod not long ago, i can supply cams very cheaply if your interested i have your spec with cams and have 150bhp and was running 15.5s at the pod. email me at

alright mate i might be interested if you send me a price that would be great.i was well pissed off late 16s i was running nearly a second off last time i went im hoping its that 19 box that i had to put in it but i really want a 2ltr