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0-60 time for mk1 1.4rts

i was wondering if all those 1.4rt (mk1) owners could specify what their 0-60 times are and if known the 1/4 mile times too (so i can compaire).

cheers jamie.
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Well the book time is something like 12.5s. Ive never had mine properly timed but unofficial methods would suggest its more like 10.

Ive never done a 1/4 mile run so it would be interesting to know from anyone who has, what sort of times they get.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

the phase 1 and 2 are 12.5 book, the phase 3 is 11.5......i think

mines a phase 1 and im also sure i can do it quicker, i reckon about 10.5 ???

mines a phase one and i do 12 secs in the 0-60 and when i tryed my 1/4 mile i gave up after 20+ seconds. (my car has no engine mods at all).

cheers jamie.
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

On a good day about 9.8-10 for mine I recon.
Chip, filter, zorst, decat, blue printed head and a few other bits.

Wheels make a helluva lotta difference dont they?

Im running 16s with 195/45s, standard engine but green filter.

The best Ive got is 11 or so secs. Oh dear. NOS here I come....
  Golf GTi DSG

Ive got a N-reg 1.4RT with K&N, stainless steel backbox and run some 10k boost through it and reckon its around 10 secs. It can keep up with VTRs which is supposed to be 9 secs. The Renault engines arent bad really to say a 1.4 can keep up with a 1.6! What I do love doing is beating Mondeo drivers who think there 16v Mondeo is da bomb!
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Does that 10k boost really make a difference. I was thinking about getting some but I heard it only really affected engines that have done more than 60k, (mines done about 47k).


mines just turning, 80k yeah happy b-day to my clio. i was gonnat try 10k boost but didnt know if it was any good, mine was getting a bit noisy, and it was wel past its 6000 mile service so i went to my work (halfords) and bought all the stuff i need for an oil change and there we go its running smooth and a bit quieter.


In my experience, youll find that road conditions and then driver skill are the main conditioning factors when it comes to 0-60 runs. So youll find quite a lot of variation between times - even with the "same" car.

Also, I know the RT is a quick little motor - but 10 seconds is actually a time that most 2.0 medium cars do the 0-60 run in ("9.9" etc is a good as!!). Id be surprised if many 16v/Willy/172 owners get a better time than 8 seconds 0-60 on normal crappy roads if an average driver.

Moreover: if someone is 1 second 0-60 quicker than you (say 10 secs versus 11) - then thats enough to be about three car lengths ahead at 60ish. Thats why Id be careful about saying that a zorst/filter etc make much difference. Thats also why a car that does the run in 7 seconds will look like it totally anhialated the one that does it in 10.

So far weve got 9.8 to 13 secs as times for the RT - thats a hell of a lot of difference!!
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never had the 0-60 proparly tested but it is crap! (may be cos i need a new clutch) but id recon id be around 11.5+.
At north weald i was running 18.1 but that was my first time and with practice and some sun shine i could easily knock a second off that time.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Got the bird to time me on the stopwatch on a nice straight round my area. 10.87 to 60 on the clock, which aint bad considering i have no engine mods apart from an exhaust, and the car has 90k on the clock! My mum has a mk3 and ive been drivin hers a bit, and it doesnt seem a patch on mine! bizzare!

Just had the engine serviced and tuned though I suppose.

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Oh yer forgot to mention the secret ingredient! Shell Optimax, well worth the extra few pence!

Just had a nice 8 mile race with a new Passat. lol! 1.9TDI which are actually fast as fook cos my dads got the same engine in his Golf and it flies. 10.2 to 60 in the Passat (just checked). He was v slowly pulling away on the straights but I hammered him on the corners and roundabouts (obviously), then finally took him on a hill (just) Started to sh*t it doing 95 in a 30 zone though, but no one was about at 1am!

1.4RT power

Wouldnt be surprised at 10-11s 0-60s, I had a Phase 1 1.2inj and my mate timed me at 12.5 0-60 a couple of days before my clutch gave up the ghost.