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0-60 times impreza

  172 & LCR

My m8 has just taken delivery of a nice new WRX in standard for he reckons hell trounce me Im not convinced opinions please and what is the 0-60 on the new WRX.

havning been on a scooby net meet in which i followed a new wrx I can say there is very little in it

from evo mag

215bhp 1385kg 158bhp/ton 0-60 in 6.0 0-100 in 18.3 top speed 143mph
  Silver Fabia vRS

My step-brother has a MY02 WRX with the Prodrive Performance Pack on and he pulls away from me but there isnt much in it! His old MY98 Impreza Turbo used to cane me!

I reckon a standard WRX would have a very tough time trying to get away from you!

He probably knows this but is unwilling to admit the 172 is a better car for the saving in price!

old ones were much quicker, new ones have gone the way of too many cars and got too fat. old subaru was 214bhp 1235kg 177bhp/ton but 0-60 in 5.4 and 0-100 in 14.6
  320d M Sport

Considering our 0-100 times last week, does that mean my 172 would do a new shape WRX to 100 then? Sureley not???


well from following one on the meet id say they are very similar, and yes in a 0-100 drag race i recon i could beat one (just)
  BMW 320d Sport

Hmmm, not wanting to be a wet blanket here, but Id be surprised to see a standard 172 beat a standard new Scooby. They might not be as quick as the old ones but theyre still very quick...

ANy 172 driver got a mate with a new Scooby whos willing to 1/4 mile it and see whats what?

This is probably the best time to race a scooby, when its new i remember mine when she was new and i had problems outpacing a honda civic 1.8vtec but given a few miles under her belt and the next civic (oh and id had the PPP fitted by this time too ) i left him for dead in 5th at 70mph he did try to keep up but by that time it wasnt much cop
New scooby will be very tight and those performance figs are a little inaccurate as scoobs get quicker with age

  CTR EK9 turbo

Yep, raced a Y-reg WRX estate a while back from a roundabout onto a dual carriage way - both of us were 2-up and as we reached !20 mph i went past him with my friend waving as we did so! got past and put a nice gap there. Later on he said to a friend of mine that hed been toasted by a young kid in a clio sport! that would be me

I raced a new-shape Impreza WRX on a 51 plate recently.

We started at some roundabouts. It was a red car and standard too, but was definitely not being run in by the way he was treating it!! We spotted each other and started to boot it. He definitely had more grip than me on the rounabouts - by quite a big margin. I was easily losing grip first. Thats 4x4 handling for you!

Anyway, out of the rounabouts and all the way thence up to about 90 (the fastest we got to due to road length), he was not getting away an inch. Dont read this wrong - Id have never been able to pass - but was very surprised as the Impreza is a bit of a performance icon.

To be fair, my car was timed with a 19 second 0-100 12k miles ago (previous owner with a journo friend). The new Impreza WRX gets 0-100 in 18.3s seconds according to Evo.

A new 172 is less than 20s 0-100 (probably less once run in) and would therefore give the WRX a good run too.

But dont go for a grip competition!!!

Paddy did 0-100 in 17.4 seconds last weekend and I managed 18.5, both in MK2 172s, so easily less than 20 seconds.

  172 sport,

thers a guy who lives next to me g/f he has a black wrx on a 02 plate next time i see him ill ask him about 1/4 mile times i know its been on track a few times allready and its abaat 3 months old
  172 & LCR

Thanks for the replies guys, Yogi I ran a 15.7 1/4 at York car only had 4k on the clock and it was damp and in my defence it was my 1st time there let me know the times the scooby ran it will be a big help, sounds like I thought it would I think my m8 is going to get a big shock someone said stay away from the twisty bits but I know the 172 is more than capable as there are a few videos of a 172 staying with scoobys on the track and reeling them in under braking well I think Im going to have some fun before he gets any mods.
  BMW 320d Sport

In the wet the Scoobies on the track werent that great, in a fwd car it evens up the playing field a bit. The rwd cars were all over the shop at the first hint of rain.

Brakes have always been the Scooby weak point which is the strength of the Clio.

Theres only one way to find out, just do it, and have a b****y good laugh if you do beat him!
I agree Nick, brakes are useless, these are next on my list, got to get the cambelt done Saturday, so a bit of saving to do after that.

As im currently on my 5th Impreza (currently new shape), I would say with conviction that (in dry conditions) there would be nothing between a 172 & a "standard" WRX........

Now an older Impreza or something "slightly modded", then game over!!!

When I got my current car, I was dissapointed mainly with the delivery of the power which felt like the lack of it. OK now it has been changed beyond recognition with complete decat pipe (all 3 cats out), air filter, 18" wheels, LEDA race suspension. Now its a much better car and is faster than any of my previous Imprezas over a proper road, including the ver V Type R.

Also Impreza engines never loosen up until over 10K miles and that is the absolute truth.

The other problem is that Subaru import them with really restrictive exhausts, so that with only an exhaust change will release the real power of the car,,, but I agree that a standard WRX will struggle against a 172 in the dry.

a rolling start would help a great deal, the 4x4 means that if hes willing to do it he could be well ahead off the start, side stepping the clutch at 4-5k gives spectacular starts on 4x4s and theres no way our humble FWD clio can compeat, but if hes a bottler or you get a rolling start you stand a much better chance of keeping up with him
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

If you look at it like this.

Both have similar 0-100 time but the WRX is quicker to 60. SO that means the 172 must be quicker from about 40 to 100 to make up the difference.

So just dont race from a standing start and you cant loose!
  172 & LCR

He reckons hell race me once hes got 2k on the clock suits me Im getting closer to 10k and still getting quicker his will still be nice and tight Ill post the results once we get on.

Nick, we need a nice quiet road somewhere, I dont really fancy a drag strip with loads of people watching, not that I mind anyone seeing if I lose, its in case I fluff a gear, or stall it etc... You know what its like if youre nervous and youve got loads of people watching! (especially being the fairer sex!)