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1.2’s and hills...


  182 Arctic Blue

took mine down south for the day was 4-up and quite loaded - 45mph in 3rd & would the bugger accelerate up some of the bigger hills - nope not even the hint of it. felt quite unsafe at times -still got 55mpg ish & coming back on my own having dropped off my passengers and unloaded it was no problem.

First time ive really gone any decent distance in one go in my clio and apart from the hills on the way there a very nice drive through some really nice areas of countryside and all national speed limits which was nice on the way back! (except m25 traffic ) old 1.2. Now those were the days!!

Its always said that you remember your first car - and mine was a 1995 Clio 1.2 "Les Routiers" in xerus met grey. It was my mums (before she graduated to a 1.8 RSi). I used to be a keen driver well before I started moding the 1.2. And, to be fair, it was a real blast to drive. I think if youve only ever driven one car then you tend to think its fantastic, until you drive another. But my trusty 1.2 survied that hurdle (I doubt many Fiestas or Corsas have).

Id call the performance adequate and no more, though it would out-drag a Vectra 1.6 (that aint saying much though ). The handling was spot on actually, as far as it could be for a car wearing 155/80/13 tyres (jeeeez!).

You definitely couldnt overtake much safely though, and the brakes were crap. That was particularly frustrating when I changed the wheels and suspension. Id be blasting down a favourite road, then get stuck behind something that I couldnt overtake - hence wasting all the time/money improving the handling. Hills and motorways were comedy too - 4th gear as soon as a slight incline appeared.

On the 13s, the speedo read a dubious maximum of 115 - something I failed to recreate with 15" then 16" wheels fitted. Its pretty difficult to motivate my Valver beyond those sorts of speeds, so Im always cautious when people say they get 120 out of their 1.2s and RTs.

The 1.2 was a cracking motor overall though, and I guess with its extra 15bhp blunted by the additional weight, that the new 1.2 16v Clio isnt far off. I really like the look of the Dynamiques too.

I really thought that my 1.2 was the nads at the time - and it was good - but not Williams or 16v good! I "raced" a Williams early on in my driving career and he made me look as if Id travelled back in time! I think TooFast should take note .
  BMW 320d Sport

Well mine was a Fiesta 1.0 Popular. Headrests, a glove box, a factory-fit stereo and a rear demister or wiper were, sadly, not even standard. You had to get the Popular Plus for the luxury of a demister. But I swear that was the toughest little car I ever had and did lovely jumps over hump back bridges. I dont recall it being that slow either. I think I got a ton out of it once but it was pretty wobbly by that time. Now I cruise at 110 on half throttle!


  182 Arctic Blue

Yep your not wrong im well happy with the car its like once a blue moon I go 4-up like that. It does handle very well and I got a good chance to test it out on the way back - would never push a car through the twisties with passengers anyway though. 13" tyres though wow not masses of rubber connecting u to the road one thing that I have noticed on my car is that the tyres are really quite wide and the only time i have had to really test the brakes (yes thank you mr tw4t white van man) they were superb. I had a 1.2 expression as a courtesy a while ago and it was definitely not in the same class in terms of handling the dynamiques are much better steering much more weighted and stiffer suspension but to be fair they aint got much puff in em but then thats the trade off for low insurance and good fuel economy methinks.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Hahaha, you think 45 in third was bad.

Coming back from a diving trip with myself anf one passanger, the back seat piled high with luggage and the boot filled with diving equipment, weight belts and cylinders...everything!

Couldnt get into third going up a 25 degree hill and Ive got a 1.4 16v

by myself though the car is very nippy and will happily take on most 1.6s
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Hehe, we got some here. Live in a very very very hilly area.

it was a serious struggle to get the car out of 1st and into second before i lost all momentum.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

imagine what mines like with a boot full of ICE and 17"s. Try to avoid big hills at all cost.

Mines the same on hills. Always have to drop it down a cog or two.

Making it worse is that I live in Sheffield, which must be one of the hilliest cities!