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1.2 16v vs S8 :-(((((



oh dear

me and dad just had a race :(

got whooped

he phoned me to see where i was and he was 4 miles in front of me ????????

will post a video soon



well maybe a bit more

he took the 20s off and put the standard ones back on which makes it quicker!!

Hey rich daddy 1.2 boys! (with no offence intended).:D

How come youre driving a 1.2 (as good as they are) instead of something like a Cup?? My mates dad collects Porsches (!) and gave my mate loads of nice cars like a Honda CRX (nice back in the day), VW Golf GTi etc until he crashed them too much.

So he gave him a 1.0 Metro for a while to teach him a lesson!! It killed my mates social life for a while, but it had the intended effect and hes got a Valver and a CTR now (and no crashes since!).

Same situation?...or just a passion for the Dynamique crew??:D

Well im only 18. Anyway dont fancy getting spoilt...have my own ambitions and want to get there on my own. Im sure Tom is the same. I think im going to be getting a VX220 Lightning though!

yea.. 17s look small on some cars.. take them off though, and they are MASSIVE!

18s on an M3 arnt that big at all - put them against mine... eeeks. hehe.


Ahhh...I see! For some reason I thought you were older than that and since you (plural) are always talking in great detail about how other cars are like to drive, I did wonder!

I had my 1.2 until I was 21, but always had the use of my dads 3.0 Volvo 960. It was by no means a cool car but was excellent for surprising people - especially the hot hatches!! On reflection, my Valver probably isnt any quicker, especially mid-range (Volvo has auto box & kickdown!).

I have been racing for a number of years, i work part time at brands and get to try many cars.

My dads M3 has 19s and they dont look big but as you say look huge when next to my car!
  VW Potato

i want to race my boss Audi A4 convertible 3.0v6. He thinks he will win. He hasnt a clue. Especially on the route that i have chosen... ;)

  VW Potato

Yup one of the new ones. Very, very pretty. 0-60 in 7.8 according to Autocrap, but he thinks, bless him, hes going to be much faster than me...dont think so, guv.


i got an a4 cab with da triptronic box-it is very quick, but after test driving a cup, id have to say the a4 will loose! but for street cred and pulling, the a4 kicks ass!!!
  172 M69 eater

rob, iv got respect for ya, my mates all have daddys cars bought for them, and i bought my own, bout time we had some ppl buyin theyre own cars - no disrespect but i think people who bought their own cars have more respect for them!?