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  1. T

    1.2 16V Issues - Any Ideas? (Sorry for long post)

    Hi guys, got a bit of a weird issue with my Clio right now. It's an 07 1.2 16v Campus. So, it all started when I was in 4th gear at a high rpm (around 5ish). After this it did not want to go up anymore revs and the check engine light started flashing at me. Pulled over and gave it a look over...
  2. I

    MK1 Clio Rally Car

    Hi just thought I would check if anyone would be interested to purchase my MK1 Clio rally car. I was going to compete in the Javelin trackday sprint series however unable now due to health. Not keen to advertise on Ebay due to the experience I have had in the past. Let me know and I will post...
  3. C

    New to Renault

    Good evening, Not long bagged myself a bargin on a 1.4 16v clio, just a lil run about for now. Miss matched wheels, ripped seat, fag burns in rear seats, but it runs sweet, need a lil tlc it's been neglected but it a fun lil car.
  4. MaxB

    1.2 16v no drive in any gears

    Drove my Clio to work earlier and parked it up outside. Got back in it after finishing work and noticed a strange clonking noise coming from the engine bay. Checked it out but couldn't see anything so decided to drive home carefully. I put it in gear and went to move forwards to find that I...
  5. vdk chld

    Clio Mk1 16v issues getting 1st/2nd gear engaged, thoughts?

    After any thoughts about a gear selection issue I'm having, know issues, common faults etc. Here goes: Stationary and trying to select 1st, pretty my a no go, Stationary try to select 2nd, pretty much a no go, Stationary and try to select another gear, not tried yet. Stationary try to select...
  6. S

    Battery and stop lights, occasional misfiring

    Car: 2005 Clio 16v Mk2 I've had the Stop and battery warning lights illuminate when turning the ignition on consistently since I first took it for a run on the motorway. The car was sat on a driveway for 6 months before I bought it and only did short trips before then. The battery measures...
  7. Optimista

    Renault Megane Berline 2.0 16v F7R swap

    Hey guys, time to show my project :smile: So, this is my Megane berline ph2 from year 2000. Original engine is 1.4e and after 318 000 kilometers it decided to blow it's head gasket for the 3rd time.. I didn't want to invest in 1.4e engine anymore and then i came up with an idea to put and...
  8. A

    Clio 1.2 16v no spark not starting

    Hi guys, i have a 2001 Clio 1.2 16v, for the past few months it's been sat there doing nothing. It won't start and there's no spark. I've tried every common fault that i know of and still nothing. I got it to start and run last week twice in the space of 20 minutes after i ran a wire from the...
  9. B

    Mk4 steering in a mk3?

    Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone could help me or give me a little advice. Would a mk4 clio steering wheel fit in a mk3 clio? Have seen a few cheap mk4 steerings and would benefit from a leather one instead of the crappy mk3-non leather steering. TIA!
  10. Molzo

    My Clio Mk3 Dynamique 1.2 tce sx

    My Clio as Standard: Standard extras included: Panoramic front and rear sunroof. Rear brake discs. Privacy glass. Sx body kit. Front fog lights. Heated mirrors. Electronically adjustable mirrors. Air-conditioning. When i brought this my side skirt was cracked and the air con was not...
  11. B

    Which exhaust? [mk1 16v]

    I'm intersted in getting a new exhaust (cat-back or backbox) for my 1.8 16v. I'm looking for something thats louder and better sounding than stock. Has anyone some suggestions?
  12. C

    First car, my first project (mk2 ph2 1.2 16v)

    This is my first car, I will slowly be improving it as time goes by, I understand not everyone likes the stickers but its how the car came and to be honest I like them. Also I know nothing really relating to doing stuff so give me a chance ;) i am also aware its not a sport just a b**ch to take...
  13. K

    Mk2 1.2 16v lowering

    Posting on behalf of a mate who recently got his first car (clio mk2 1.2 16v) hes fitted some alloys and a straight through hoffman exhuast and now he wants to lower it because the arch gap is huge, his question is where do you recomend buying springs/coilovers on a budget? Hes not looking to...
  14. beeched

    Front os side light and rear os tail light out at the same time.

    I installed some new cool white sidelights into my 2003 Clio a week ago. All was working well, but now, the front right has gone out, along with the rear right. I'm guessing a fuse? Where is this located? Under the bonnet, or in the dash? Also, why would these new lights have blown a fuse?
  15. R

    Evo Shootshout Video : Many Generations of Clio.

    Here is an interesting video I saw on Youtube of many generations of Clio battling it out:
  16. C

    Running problem

    I have a 2000 Clio 1.4 16v when I start it and the engine is cold sometimes it will Rev really high up and down for 5 mins ish. if you try to move it when it's Reving it's self to death it will just bog down and turn off and won't start straight away. Also some times when your driving it will...
  17. Barretted

    Sean's Naughty 1.6

    This is going to be the progression thread for my Naughty Blue 1.6 Dynamique, my first car which I've owned for around 3 months now & loving every bit of! (First day she got home, very cold day!) Some info on the car: Bought at 41,780 Miles (45,200 now) Picked it up for £750! 1.6 Dyamique...
  18. beeched

    Judder when moving off in first gear.

    I recently had a "Full Service" at Halfrauds Autocentres on my 1.2 16v. I have done about 200 miles since the service. I noticed the other day that the car will hold itself on hills without the use of any brakes. The "Mechanic" told me he had adjusted my handbrake because (In his words) it was...
  19. C

    What's the best way to gain BHP

    Hello i have a Renault Clio 2000 plate mk2 1.4 16v. Just wondering what's the best way to gain BHP without sticking a turbo or supercharger on it. Would like to gain 50 + if possible just need a kick in right direction
  20. potter88

    Clio 1.4 16v oil grade?

    Anybody know the preferential oil grade for these engines and whether part or fully synthetic?
  21. M

    1.4 16v 2006 Clio x65 Won't Start

    Hi all. Driving to work and the car literally cut out and hasn't started since. This is what i've checked so far: 1/ Crank Position sensor - Records 220ohms and changes resistance when metal is passed by. This was tested up to the ECU plug and produces av voltage of about 1 - 3 VAC. Cleaned it...
  22. A

    1.2 16v electrical fault

    Hi, I recently brought an 02 plate 1.2 16v clio, and had the MOT renewed in November. Shortly after, I noticed the electronic fault light appeared on the dash, and I lost all power to the accelerator pedal. While this was happening, revs locked at around 1,500 - 2,500 depending on the gear. It...
  23. S

    clip 1.2 16v miss fire. smoking. flashing eml

    03 clio 1.2 16v 100k Flashing eml smokes on start up and clear when warm missfire. On cylinder 3 Changed plug. Changed coil. Swapped injectors about. Cleaned TB. Replaced map sensor.. Compression ok codes come up with missfire on cylinder and lambda sensor.. but cant seeing above problems...
  24. Fraserb

    2.0 l 16v engine cover stickers

    Can anyone link me as to where to get the stickers / decals for the engine cover?
  25. S

    mk2 clio 1.2 16v

    My Clio is messed up but wat do you se think it was the summer season aka the dingy because race car.
  26. S

    Clio 1.5 dci to 1.2 16v conversion?

    Just after some info weather anybody has converted a Clio diesel to petrol? Reason I ask is I've owned a 06 1.2 16v for a few years now and been a great car. Rolled it now so long ago. Still starts and drives like a new one. Bought a Clio van as a replacement and now it's blown up. So I've got...
  27. J

    Clio 2 1.2 16V frnt fogs connectors

    can some one please assist me i have bought front fogs for my clio but i need to find out were do i find the connectors in the front. i have the fog control switch on my lights switch which on but not sure if that is for the front or rear fogs
  28. P

    help on a 1.2 16v please

    hi all i have just brought a 02 plate clio for my missis as her first car its a 1.2 16v its turning over and nearly starting, but just not kicking in i have cleaned the crark sensor etc and it has fuel in it. i got it plugged in and it come up with codes. 1, 00 13 injecter number 1 circult...
  29. J

    Clio 1.2tce 16v Custom

    My Clio 1.2tce 2008 before any mods
  30. T

    Engine swap 1.2 16v for 1.2 16v

    Hey guys Basically Im going to swap my 155,000 mile engine for a lower mileage due to the fact my engine has had its day and the shell is to good to throw away. I'm guessing this should be a straight swap just pull the old one out and drop the new one in. The next question is some of the...