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1.2 Dynamic Owners

Hey there fellow 1.2 owners,

Would any of you have pictures of your cars, so i and we can see what other

dynamic owners are doing to their cars. I have a few pictures of my own.

Hi there, I havent got any pics of mine but it is just lowered with 16s on at the mo, i cant decied wether to get the windows black out of sub and amp next, what do you guys think?

no pics yet (except standard)

but i have put 16" Wolfrace Ikons

soon to be lowered 35mm, with hopefully a marvellous install

If anyone wants to check out my car, i would be very happy cause i want a proper opinion on what it looks like and what to do next.

The only thing is to view my album you have to sign in, if anyone wants to please do.

Its lowered 40mm, 17 inch kahn RS-S, Smoked window, pipercross induction kit. It now has the new lexus lights and a new front grille, getting it sprayed pretty soon as well

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I took a load of pics of Freds - Only difference is he has 17" SuperLs but didnt have them on at Brands.

Check out my pics in the topic "Brands Hatch Pics".


Gritter they are nice wheels, how much you get them for.

My car looks pretty similar to yours. cept i aint got the bigger wheels. And ive had my colour coded.

Defo gonna get my wheels next, im lagging behind these days:( Spent too much money on stereos etc:)
  H22A7 Accord Type R

Lol..................those pics r all taken from our Yorkshirecruise outings to halifax!!! and the likes! Cubby is a Moderator on the site, and cubbyscruisepics is his own site! Lisa n Trudy are pretttttty nice in the flesh too! lol


I suppose I am cheating a bit cause I have a 1.2 extreme and not the dynamic. Any how, been modding mine since I got it in March.MOMO gearknob, SPARCO pedal extensions, Clifford concept 300 alarm, Sony black panel headunit, maystar 5.25in componants and 6x9s, JBL 10in sub and amp and at this very moment PSG are putting the finishing touches to the bodykit. Leaving it on the standard alloys for a couple of months till finaces allow. Was also thinking about having the windows smoked and green neons put under the car to match the green interior.

What do you reckon people?

John man,

The extreme is a dynamic with a different interior!! Was thinking maybe going for BK racing dtms. Am having the door handles and rubbing strips colour coded at the moment. Next year i am gonna put Cup 172 arches on and have all the body blended in, then get it de-locked, de-handled, remove the rub strips and flush the tailgate.

By the way green neons kick arse!! Have you not seen the Fast & The Furious???

Dont reccommend the neons, a few cars around my town have them, a bit cheesy looking, wouldnt put them on mine anyway.

But smoothing is a different matter, since that picture was taken there have been a few changes,(new lexus lights soon and new grille) going to get it smoothed out hopefully before christmas and fully sprayed. Should look well and hopefully get the induction relocator kit from k-tec as i already have the pipercross kit, anyone have this, any difference in power?

Also thinking about changing the wheels, might go for a set of 16 inch comp MOs in white and slam it 60mm. ( would anyonebe intested in the wheels thats on it now ). Then get cracking on the sound system

yeah i know the extreme is basically the same, i was only kidding mate:)

I was going to get the extreme, but i think the interior in the dynamique is far nicer. just my thoughts so.

Yeah i have seen the f&f, yet green neons in stunning looking supras have a different effect from tacky neons from halfords stuck on bog standard clios.

The neons i am gonna have will be tasteful mate. Gonna have them wired to swithes that will be placed in the little area just in front of the head up display, (where the time and temperature are displayed). I have no idea what wheels to gor for now. Maybe 18in TSW EDGE or ZENNONS with a 60 mm slam.

your choice mate:) dosent matter what you do though, the extreme is always going to be inferior to the dynamique hehe:)

hehe i think im gonna try start a war:)

How many people have asked you where you got your interior from? Went to a local cruise and no believed me when I told them that it was standard

Nah guys the dymanique is the original and best new shape 1.2, dont like the

new interior in the extremes looks a bit too gay for my liking

Fred, saying your a fellow dynamique owner, any advice for me.

Some wee mailto:b@stard">b@stard just had to go and draw with premanent marker a line all the way across my bonnet, any advise on how to remove?

Any any major plans for your car?