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1/4 mile times

went santa pod yesterday with a couple of mates and we thought it would be interesting to see what times we could get

here are the results

Zetec-s with filter and exhaust 17.099secs

punto sporting with filter 17.544secs

punto sporting with exhaust 18.288secs

(me) clio with filter and exhaust 18.512secs

not that embarrassing i didnt think

also seen craggy a couple of times burning up the strip posting 16sec 1/4s
  mk2 172

alrite bam bam? were you the blue one mate who ran in the afternoon?, should hav said alrite!!,anyway mate, never went over 16 secs, they were 15s he he

craggy, yeah i was the blue one

looked like 16s from the start line

i was gonna say hi, but only ever seen your car on the strip