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Paul's Mégane 250


ClioSport Club Member
So I recently joined the Clio fold again with my nimbus 197, progress thread available here:

Absolutely love the car but a recent trip out to the Nurburgring in it left me wanting a little bit more power.

The plan was always to end up meg swapping it eventually, however, seeing a bunch of Meganes at the ring made me look to how much a full car would be.

Started looking on a Saturday evening, deposit placed on one Sunday morning, without viewing, as you do.

The car was advertised on the Meganesport Facebook group, Robert the guy selling it was an absolute hero to deal with, made a refreshing change. I headed over to meet him at Scotch Corner services to pick the car up from him.

Onto the car itself, it has been really well looked over the last 4 years during their ownership, mechanical work as follows:

Belts,dephaser & waterpump done MARCH 2022 by RENTEC AUTOCARE in Edinburgh

RS Monitor,DRL's in blade,keyless,bluetooth,Auto lights & wipers, spare wheel (all listed as optional extras on a CUP)

Yellow belts, 265 Cup front seats (the nicer black with red stitching)

265 Tibor Wheels wrapped in Goodyear Assy 5's

New Genuine Clutch,DMF,CSC 65K miles (Diamond Motors 2018)
Both lower Hub joints
Front Calipers (Fitted same time as clutch)
OS Drive Shaft
New Cup Shock with top mounts (2021) Rensport fitted
Tie rods & ends (2021) Rensport fitted
Thermostat (2021)
Spark plugs
Aux Kit (2021) Rensport fitted
Lower arms
Drop links & Anti rotation links
Driver door check strap
Tailgate rams
Boot release button
Oil & filter every 6k using Shell Helix & Gen/Purflux filters (done by me)
Fuel filter (done by me)
Gearbox oil every 12months (done by me)
Motul RBF 600
Stainless bleed nipples on the Brembo's so nice & free
New Plain front discs & pads Jan 2022
Mr Pink pins
Wheel alignment l
New Rear OS Calliper,discs & pads Feb 2022
New Lambda Aug 2022
4 new coil packs last week
IAT sensor last week
New exhaust rubbers (still in packet 2 fit)

Vibratec lower engine mount
H&R Springs
RST Decat
Scorpion non res cat back
Airtec Stage 1 cooler
Ram Air Cone filter
EFI Mapped 319 BHP 354LBFT

The car also came with a bunch of spare parts.

Overall the car is lovely, front bumper as a scrape that I'm going to get sorted and the wheels could do with a refurb but other than that it's a really nice, straight example.

A couple of pictures after a clean:


Initial review of the Mégane as an overall car is they are fantastic, I think we are going to get on well 😁.


ClioSport Club Member
All I have done so far is remove the front window tints (these were done before the pictures above were taken)


Initial plans are to give it an oil and filter change in line with the previous owners timings.

I have also picked up a set of winter tyres, I'm driving over to Germany for Christmas in it so that will be a circa 1800 mile trip, the paintwork can wait until after then as I'm sure the grit etc would ruin a fresh paint job pretty quickly.

Other plans are to look for wider wheels/spacers and I would really like a set of Recaros to set the inside off nicely. I don't plan on going too wild as it is already a brilliant car.




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ClioSport Club Member
Superb. Are you keeping the clio aswell

Yes Clio is staying too, we were looking for another car for my wife but I jumped in there first so I've insured the Clio in her name for her for now 😁.

A mate of mine is selling some 2Forge wheels Paul👀

There's a set of these for sale on the Mégane page too, might be the same ones, I prefer more traditional multi spoke style like the 1.2's. I think it will be a while before grabbing a set to be honest, had an expensive few months 😅.


Formerly Mashed up egg in a cup
ClioSport Club Member
Lovely thing! Needs a new cup badge, a fruity exhaust so it doesn’t sound like a tumble dryer and NO spacers. HTh.

The Crumb Master

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
I can’t believe I’ve never had a go in one of these. They seem like the ultimate hot hatch and let’s be honest, they look badass and surprisingly still look modern despite how old they are. Good choice sir!


ClioSport Club Member
Quick update:

Over Christmas the wife, dog and I went on a roadtrip to my brother's in Germany. Just over 1800 miles in the Mégane which included stopping at the ring on the way home for an explore whilst the track is shut for winter.

The trip got off to a flyer, I loaded the car and went to move it to park up the Clio and it wouldn't start, just clicking without turning over, anyway, I decided it had to be the battery and luckily I live 2 minutes from a Halfords so went and grabbed a new one, popped it in and the car fired right up.

It was then perfect for the entire trip, no hint of an issue whatsoever.

A couple of pictures:


One with my brother's GLB35 which is surprisingly a straight line.


Onwards to the ring.






The car averaged 36mpg over the 1800 miles which did include autobahn use so it was a bit thirsty for a trip of this nature but worth the trade off for reliability, hasn't used a drop of oil either.


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The Chubby Pirate

ClioSport Club Member
  Golf R
Brilliant mate, they really are fantastic bits of kit, i test drove a 275 that had all the options back in 20- -, it was 32k. Was utterly fantastic to drive but the two year old Golf R at 20k won it.

I’d still really like one but feel i’ve missed the boat for one with the ohlins/akra exhaust/recaros.


ClioSport Club Member
Brilliant mate, they really are fantastic bits of kit, i test drove a 275 that had all the options back in 20- -, it was 32k. Was utterly fantastic to drive but the two year old Golf R at 20k won it.

I’d still really like one but feel i’ve missed the boat for one with the ohlins/akra exhaust/recaros.

I'm massively taken with it already, started looking for bits as soon as I got home 😅.

I would have made the same choice as you in that situation though!


ClioSport Club Member
You are a tall man.
Also, whilst the 'ring is closed for winter are you allowed to simply hop the barrier and have a wonder or did you need permission?
Pic at the Karussell is epic.


ClioSport Club Member
You are a tall man.
Also, whilst the 'ring is closed for winter are you allowed to simply hop the barrier and have a wonder or did you need permission?
Pic at the Karussell is epic.

There are lots of contrasting views on accessing the track online from what I saw searching before we went.

It seems to be accepted as a 'thing' although there are signs in certain places that say private land. There were also messages on FB groups and the like that said there could be marshall cars or building machinery still around the track so be careful. It seems to be totally accepted if it's snowy for people to be on there sledging etc.

I took a couple of precautions before we went on the track itself, I drove past the track entrance to make sure it was shut off and there were no gazebos etc set up to indicate there may be some activity going on, we also walked up to Karrussell alongside the track which was about a half an hour walk to make sure there was nothing on the track. There must have been 15-20 cyclists came past us and plenty of people walking on there with dogs etc but I would say just be sensible about it.

In terms of actual access there are a lot of openings next to the marshall posts dotted about so there's no climbing fences etc needed.

It did feel like a weird experience on there! Especially at Karrussell, it feels so different being in a car on there to actually seeing it up close, it feels a lot smaller in person.

And I had noticed I was a taller member of society 🤣.


ClioSport Club Member
Nothing has really happened with this for a while, just been using it and enjoying it.

I recently had a set of wheels on order, calibre suzuka's which seem to be popular with the Mégane owners, however they were subject to a few delays so I cancelled my order about 12 weeks in.

I decided that I was going to just get the tibors refurbished in an anthracite colour, however, I then spotted a set of 600 mile old Rota Force wheels with decent branded tyres.

They seem to be quite un-common wheels on the Mégane forums, but I really like the look of them.

Specs are 18x8.5 et 48 with Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport in 245 40 18 so a fair bit wider than the et65 and 225 width tyres currently fitted.

I gave them a coat of platinum wheels after a thorough preparation:


And how they look fitted:


Really happy with how they look, I'm quite surprised they aren't more popular.

Next up will be a decent service as it's been 6 months since my last oil change and I would like to get the front bumper resprayed as there's a relatively small scrape on the passenger side that is the only real mark on the car.

I would also like to keep an eye out for a second hand ZPO shifter I think to experience one.



ClioSport Club Member
I prefer the symmetry of the spokes on the new alloys - a nice swap.

Really do suit it. The colour combo works great too!.

Cheers both, yes I agree, the style of them seems to suit the Mégane pretty well.

Looks nice that, just needs some xenons ;)
That I agree with, or at least the black insert halogens I think, they were something that was a nice thing to have but not essential to me as I was determined to buy on maintenance rather than shiny bits....for once!