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1/4 mile times

i am thinking about doing some 1/4mile runs this season against my mates and i wanted to know what you lot think of the opposition, if i stand a chance. Probably not but i think the type rs might be easy prey?

Tuned Subaru P1 350bhp

Standard Integra Type R

Tuned Escort Coswrth 450bhp

Standard Civic Type R

Standard twin turbo Subaru Legacy

Does anyone know the 1/4mile times for these cars or at least a respectable time for my Cup.

Hi m8 having owned an escort cosworth and a subaru both modified i would of said the cossy would be around 11s and the subaru may also dip into the 11s probably low 12s as for the cup not sure but im ordering one today so it will be interesting to find out what the 1/4 mile is for the cup. On paper should give the civic a run for its money
  mk2 172

youll be shafted by sthe scoob, and the cossie, legacy i would think might be quick, YOULL BEAT BOTH THE HONDAS, THEY SEEM TO PICK UP WELL TOP END BUT ON THE 1/4 MILE THEY DONT SEEM TO BE ABLE TO DO THE FIRST 1/8 mile in anything spectacular which cost them at the end sorry about the caps lock

Yeah I knew I would get pi**ed by the P1 and cossie but I wasn’t too sure of their 1/4mile times, but it is encouraging that the Type R’s will be easy prey.
  Nissan R35 GT-R

14.8 is the test driver/motor journalist time.

I would say between 15.2 and 15.5 would be a good time for us lot.
  mk2 172

im certain i coulkd better that time in a cup that pumps out the right power, i know of a couple of 172s that i could prob get 15 or less in so to loose that weight and have the power.........


My bro is getting a cup in a couple of weeks time, now one of the reasons hes bought a Cup is to be faster then me....b*****d!!;)

Any way i can run flat 15s and Im sure this summer i can dip into the 14s, Im almost certain that the Cup will go into the 14s with ease. Hes not going to be chuffed if he cant beat me, although I do expect him to beat me!

*Remember that 14.8 is Renaults figure not the motoring mags, so it can always be beaten!

Oh BTW, I assume you will be going to Crail? Ive never seen a CTR at crail crack 15.5s - easy meat.

The teg seems to be alot better over the 1/4 mile, Id say 14.9/15.0 for the teg!

The modded P1, Id think around high 12s!?

Yeah cant wait to see my mate chris in his integra when i blast past him on the strip. ;).

Well i am now going to aim for high 14s, i will use the force if i have too.

When you planning on going up next Gareth, we could have a few "experiments"! Cup vs Cup, Cup Vs 172, Cup vs CTR.......

Hmm maybe after i move into my new house in April probably May some time if the girlfriend allows it, i would be game for a couple of "experiments".

yeah but type rs aint drag machines,

an integra not a civic would swallow a 172 whole round a track, besides anything can go fast in a straight line with enough money spent on it,
  williams and trophy

1st york meeting is usually easter monday.well good friday but its a big yank n bike bash n rwyb on sun