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Rob's Titanium 182


ClioSport Club Member
It's been a few weeks, since buying the car from Russ aka @Don’t call me Dave

But finally It's time to continue his amazing project.

Firstly I'd just like to say what an absaloute gent Russ was to deal with, a genuinely nice bloke, and somebody I felt was very much like myself when it comes to cars etc, and I couldn't of asked for a better buying experience.

Thank you mate! 👍🏻

This is my fifth 1*2 and my seventh Renault Sport model, having previously owned an R26 and a Mk4 Clio 220 Trophy.

Most of you may remember my old Supercharged 182 Trophy, a car I very much miss and always gets talked about amongst my friends.

I'd sold my Championship White FN2 Type-R


A bloody fantastic car, but sadly I just didn't gel with it and couldn't muster any enthusiasm to modify it or track it etc.

With it sold the hunt was on and my mate Kris suggested that I get behind the wheel of another 182, I initially brushed that idea away having owned such a fantastic example previously the thought of doing it all again didn't appeal.

However thinking on it a little more, what was so wrong with that? They're such a great car and I know them very well and being a second car it doesent need to be practical either.

After seeing Russ's project thread and his car going up for sale I knew it was the one for me. The Recaros being a huge draw as they were the seats I had always wanted to fit into the Trophy!

Since buying the car I have tackled a few jobs, and have already changed a few things for my own tastes.

1. The car was overdue a timing belt, so this was the first thing I tackled. New genuine belt kit, water pump, and dephaser pulley all replaced and type D coolant refreshed also.

2. I sold the Piper exhaust as it was too raspy for me and having previously fitted a PMS system to my Trophy I knew how good they are, and I went for the outwardly rolled tailpipes again.

After I fitted the exhaust I noticed they're was a slight blow from the manifold flange and it was in a pretty sorry state. I spoke to a mate who works as an exhaust fabricator and he made me up a front pipe with a flexi joint and a brand new flange for the manifold.

3. The Momo Team Steering Wheel was far too small at 280mm. Something Russ was planning on changing himself, I have now replaced that with an OMP Targa. A much more usable 330mm diameter, another throwback from my Trophy. (Sensing a pattern here!?)

4. Wheels and Tyres...

Now the car had a lovely set of 16" Turini's fitted with 195 Rainsports. I bought a set of very tidy 205 NS-2R'S from a mate to get me up and running for track use, always with the intention of getting some 15's later down the line...

After fitting the NS-2R'S I was getting arch rub on the rear. Probably a combination of the 38ET, 10mm stub axle spacers, and the chunkier sidewall on the Nankang's.

The sensible option would be to just remove the axle spacers to cure the problem, but man math kicked in!

Initially I was looking at 2118's but I've had those on Clio's before. The Evo Corse X3MA's also was an option but then I remembered the wheels I bought for my Civic were bloody nice, and more importantly bloody light!

So enter the Team Dynamics Pro Race LT's. Albeit in 15" rather than 18" on the Civic.

Ironically being the fact they're an 35ET wheel I still had rubbing issues, and have subsequently removed the axle spacers... 😂

However in my opinion they look bloody awesome, the matt anthracite world very well against the silver paintwork.

I only have the one photo of the wheel unfitted, but I will grab some more photos once the car's been given a scrub!

They are shod in NS-2R'S and I ordered a PMS stud conversion kit to secure them in place.

Plenty more updates to follow, and if you've gotten this far we'll done!

I hope to continue what a great job Russ had done under his ownership. 👏🏻




Pegasaurus Rex

Bon Jovi Officianado
ClioSport Club Member
Thanks for the kind words buddy! I mean you’re wrong, my wife will tell you! Glad you are happy with the car. The changes you’ve made are already a huge improvement! I’ll follow with envious enjoyment!

Pegasaurus Rex

Bon Jovi Officianado
ClioSport Club Member
Thanks for the kind words buddy! I mean you’re wrong, my wife will tell you! Glad you are happy with the car. The changes you’ve made are already a huge improvement! I’ll follow with envious enjoyment!


ClioSport Club Member
Took a few photos last week, after a clean.

With new wheels on, and sealed to help future cleaning sessions!

I'd forgotten how much better these drive on the smaller 15's.

I'm really pleased with the Pro Race LT's. They looked great on the Civic, but somehow look even smarter in the smaller size on the Clio. Most importantly they're bloody light!

The matt anthracite works well against the silver paintwork, but if I ever get bored I'd consider getting them refurbished in a gold as a nice contrast.

I enjoy driving it so much, and looking to attend a few events this year and a couple of track days to stretch its legs!

Would of loved to attend CSF this year as I've always fancied doing Anglesey, but it falls on the weekend of my 10 year wedding anniversary, and its not something I can swerve! 😂



ClioSport Club Member
I also as a little tribute to my old Trophy thought it would be nice to fit the old numbered plaque, in roughly the same place as where they go on the trendlines.

I appreciate this isn't a Trophy, but it's the only physical thing I have left of my old car, and thought it would be nice to have a memory of #083 alongside me! 😁

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Mr Underhill

ClioSport Club Member
Mixed feelings on the LT’s. I was tempted to get some before picking up some TD Pro Race 1.2s. They remind me of Braid racing wheels. I like the colour though. It suits your car.


ClioSport Club Member
Wheels look so good. I've been toying with buying a set to replace my TD 1.2 but I can't bring myself to buy £700 track wheels to f**k them up 😂

Thanks mate, they are a really nice wheel. I'll just have to be on my best behaviour out on track... 😅

It looks absolutely fantastic on those wheels buddy!

Cheers Russ, I think they suit the car very well! Next on the list is a set of coilovers I think.

Mixed feelings on the LT’s. I was tempted to get some before picking up some TD Pro Race 1.2s. They remind me of Braid racing wheels. I like the colour though. It suits your car.

Thanks bud, I get what you mean as they certainly a lot 'busier' than the 1.2's but I really like those little details.

Agreed they do look very similar to the Braids.

Looks a really tidy example 👍

Thank you mate! 😊


ClioSport Club Member
Looks so good on those wheels

Absolutely cracking base to start with too, Russ did a brilliant job of it!

Cheers Dan,

I'm glad I didn't fall for the 2118 trap again, it could of been easy to just order a set of those.

The car is a credit to its previous owner, a level of care and attention I intend on keeping! 😊


ClioSport Club Member
I've not seen those wheels before, they look good but a nightmare to clean. Light weight you say? Probably half a tonne less than 2118's then 😂.

They're not that bad to clean actually, no worse than 2118's with those tiny gaps between the spokes.

But yes they are much lighter!

15" 2118's = 9kg

15" Pro Race LT's = 6kg


ClioSport Club Member
Start of the year I wanted to get straight on with refreshing a few bits on the Clio, and general mateninence.

The brakes were looking a little tired, so stripped them all down removed all the old silver paint, and the previous layer of yellow paint 😂 and gave them a new coat of gloss black.

Nice and simple, which I think looks smart against the silver paintwork.

New brake discs all round with Brembo HC up front, and decided to go with PBS Pro Track pads front and rear.

They seem to get pretty good recommendations from most, and I did ponder on getting the Pro Race for the front pads, but this car really is more a road car than a track weapon so wanted a less aggressive bite.

I'll see how I get on out on track, and czn always upgrade later if needed.

Brake fluid was changed out for ATE Type 200, and whilst it was up on axle stands I drained the oil for some Millers Motorsport 5w40 and fitted a new genuine filter.

I have sourced a pair of 60mm front hubs, so currently cleaning those up and will be pressing in new bearings and flanges in preparation for some coilovers.

I'm definitely attending CSF this year and would like to continue the 'refreshing' theme with a few choice upgrades for the suspension etc prior to Anglesey, but we shall see.

Either way the car is a pleasure to own, and drive even in this crappy weather!

So much so, the Clio bug has bitten a mate at work and decided to buy his own Arctic 182 to join mine and Kris's BG (fellow CSF attendee)



ClioSport Club Member
After pondering on whether to do it or not for ages, I decided on getting the LT's powder coated in Satin Porsche 'Aurum Gold'

Taking inspiration from @MrBlonde and his lovely 182 when his X3MA's were the same colour.

Only have a crappy photo after I sealed them, and the car needs a bloody good clean before I take some photos with them fitted.

I'm very happy with the new colour, it brings out the details on the LT's much more and works well against the silver paintwork.

Booked on for CSF, and a full day on track. I can't bloody wait! 😁