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1.5 dCi

Hi Claire..

I am sure the replies will overfill the mailbox ...

Jus jokin lol..

I am sure there are not too many who own the superb DCI powered Nicole...

but they have missed out .. unless they wanted to go faster than a snail with thrush ...

Sorry, I will behave now...

it is a great lump.. a nice design...

a credit to reno etc


NURSE ????

hellllllllp... I need me steady pills again...

I hate it when he does that


Take your pick mate! It was mainly contamination - looked like little round blobs peppered all over it. Also there was a lack of laquer on the wing mirror! The paintwork really was pants - much worse than my Mk1 172 (which is soooo thinly painted it chips whenever the wind blows in the wrong direction...

Funny, but when we examined it closely (when we decided to reject it) we found a crease in the door and chips out of the edge of the door - not acceptable at all! Renault gave us no hassle at all and agreed it was not of satisfactory quality.


...oh yeh, nearly forgot - what makes you mention rust, cause my 172 has rust dotted all over the rear tailgate now!!!


What is the top speed on a dci? The only reason I ask is because I was sat at approx 95mph yesterday on the M3 and one came past, it must have been doing about 110.

Bet you get some nice fuel economy from that then..

the dCi only has 40nm less torque than the 172, maybe it doesnt have a comparable top speed etc, but still, its not bad you know


You always seem to be on the defensive - you dont need to be! Theres nothing at all wrong with a dCi 65/80 and I dont think anyone here is under the illusion that everyone wants/needs the highest powered car in the world just to have a giggle in...

Just an observation... (But Id cane you in my 172 anyway, so dont even start comparing torque figures! )

  Ford Fiesta

on mine a few bits of stuff under piant on inside of passenger door like rough bits under black paint.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

A guy at work has had a dCi 65 for about 6 months. Its been faultless, and he gets 60+ mpg travelling 50-odd miles round trip to work everyday.

Id love to have one of these new DCis - fantastic MPG, loads of torque from the motor, very respectable in gear acceleration times, and all the luxury kit as well. I had 3 of the >2001 style Clios (all petrol) have now sold the last one and have something different but Im looking for a (cheapish) Diesel of some sort. Might have to wait a while before cheap DCis are available though! I think the Clio DCi is one of the most economical Diesels there is, always gets a good write up from the motoring press.
  Clio Dci 86

Yes I have the um 65 model (two months old)I think and am really pleased with it!..its the most sensible car I have ever owned (previous inc TVR Cerbera,Subaru,Escort Cossie,M3...etc) and despite have only 60bhp?...I really like it!...great value for money and am getting about 550miles from a tank at the moment but its all short stop start in town mileage so might be better if I did more long runs.Brilliant!

hmm, maybe its the way Im driving it but I only tend to get 550 miles from a tank when Ive done motorway driving.. Town driving seems to give me a bit less.
  Clio Dci 86

Ah Claire that cos you can do 115mph in yours and the best Ive got out of mine is 103mph so far!...and that was going down hill!!..