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10 sub..

  6/468 17poo

Ive already got a sony one i had for ages, but its not the best i want better sound!ive got a 300watt amp which could be more,just wanted to no if there are any good quality ones kenwood would be good as amp is the same!

Cheers Ryan
  6/468 17poo

eeeer what the sub or the box?the box i got is ported!ive seen some rockford fosgate which look pretty good?!

yes hes on about the enclosure

RMS please young man
MAX power means absolutely diddly squat

avoid RF, their kit has gone way downhill in the last 3 years, proper max power kit now
  A Euro'd one...

I recommend a Vibe 10" Active sub. CBR 10 its called. Ive had one in the car and i can tell you it is a punchy sub and surprised a lot of people. Ive got two Vibe 10" subs in a compact custom box for a £100 if youre interested. They make 600watt rms 1200watt peak and drop amazingly loud for their size. If you want an amp ive got a Soundstream amp thats capable of running 1000w rms for £120. Only reason im selling it so cheap is because it blew a channel and i had it refurbished. People dont like to pay a lot for refurb amps but i need the money. Ill do both for £200 for a quick sale.