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10 years later, I'm back. Clio 182.


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  Too many.
Yeah thats right. It was about 10 years ago I sold my first car, a 2009 Clio GT. I've wanted a little 172/182 ever since! Finally, I ran out of excuses not to buy one and....


It needs belts, a rear silencer and all 4 wheels refurbing for a start. It also has some dodgy bits of bodywork here and there. But for 122k it drives spot on! Mostly serviced at Renault and other specialists all its life, with good quality parts used. Oh and of course, it was cheap!

TL;DR /needsturinis


ClioSport Club Member
  Too many.
Awesome work!!
I missed out on a 1 owner one on ebay last week lol. Only wanted it so i could buy the Rotrex kit in the classifieds and build something daft over the winter. To then break it and sell before doing any trackdays :LOL:
I already have a trackday booked, was originally going to be taking this to Bedford after much success at donnington:

BN8I5196 by Opentrack Track Days, on Flickr

However, turns out I'd stolen that car and sold it nearly double what I paid. Hence hunting down a 182!