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1000 miles a week...

  172 Phase 1 & 172 Ph
Plenty of people on here comment about reliability issues with their Clio so i figured i should praise mine :D

Since getting my pug diesel van wrote off (my daily work hack!) i've been using the Clio daily for work and for the last 4 weeks it has been doing almost 1000 miles a week :eek: and being treated like a van and i must admit its been comfortable, reliable and very good on fuel (on a run...)

In reality i think its luck of the draw when it comes to reliabilty, i personally own two 172's and both have been super reliable and my brothers 172 cup has given him very little trouble over his 5yrs of ownership....

Yet if i'd of done some proper research on here before buying them i.e. checked the tech section where there are some right horror stories of mechanical and electrical failures, i would have been probably scared off and never touched a french car :S

Anyone else racking up serious mileage on their 172 without many reliability issues?

It looking like this is not a rare sight...



North East
ClioSport Area Rep
I used to do nearly 800 mile a week driving to london and back in the 182. Didnt miss a beat. Use to get 40 MPG + and was a comfy ride even with my recaros.

Loved every minute of it in fairness.
Armitage as in near Rugeley? I grew up there! Haven't been for a whilemind... I used to live on Hood Lane, opposite the vet, with the old police station at the bottom.
P.s. I still get a strange kick out of seeing 'Artmitage Shanks' no matter how far and wide I travel the world :) Sorry for turning your post into a discussion of toilets!!
  172 Phase 1 & 172 Ph
haha yes mate, used to live there now in Kings Bromley just up the road!! (need to update my location...)
So you've got some great 'driving' roads near you. Over the reservoir down to Rugeley from the Bromleys is fab, used to love pottering over there!
I used to do more than 1k a week in my 200.

It killed my wallet in less than 4 weeks so I sold it lololol!
  Evo 8 MR
I've been doing around 400 miles a week in my cup for the last 3 months and the gearbox packed in the other week.

It also developed an oil leak which is now sorted.

I must say I wouldn't want to be doing 1k miles a week in the cup tbh.


ClioSport Admin
Remove that crap from that poor clio lol!

I do atleast 87 miles per day, 5 days a week. So far, my 197 has been great... It's quite a comfortable cruiser/tourer :approve:

And with 36~ mpg, who can complain :p
  200 Gordini No.159
I used to deliver for chinese, indian, dominos, kebab 6 nights a week, raking up some stupid miles. Never had a problem with it at all. Can't say so much for the mpg though :/ but who cares about petrol when you driving a car like these :D


ClioSport Club Member
i was doing 500 miles a week in my 172 at one point, it coped pretty well until i got the DCi100 and it was like a bentley compaired to the 172 lol
  Clio 172 Cup
Since that photo the boot has a bit of a clear out as he picked up a bulk purchase of 13 NIssan/Datsun wings for his next money making scheme ;).
  DCi 80 DieselSport
This is EXACTLY why I got rid of my beloved Cup. The weekly milage was too much (250 miles).

DCi 80 ftw.
  Monaco 172
I'm doing the best part of 300 miles a week and get 500 miles out of a tank if i stick to sensible driving......
  172 Phase 1 & 172 Ph
How many miles is it currently on?

Good question! the car has a bit of dodgy past, i picked it up as a cat 'd' it had panel damage and most windows smashed!! it had the windows replaced before i picked it up and then i sorted the bodywork.

When i got it the speedo didn't work so i assumed it would be a dodgy speedo sensor, however on closer inspection it appears to have had a replacement box fitted....without a speedo drive :S as this is an early phase 2 it needs a speedo drive box so i've had no speedo since i've had it so relied on my Road Angel.

Clocks read, 58k and the steering wheel is mint as regard the thumb grips so it probably wasn't far off when i bought it, rest assured if i do sell it the next owner will be informed although i can see me ending using this as a track toy...

I'm on the hunt for another box currently, as at the this moment in time i think the diff is on it way out!!! although i have suspected this for a while as its shown the signs for a good few thousands mile but its getting on my tits now, its booked in the garage tomorrow for a check...if i a miracle happens it could just be a driveshaft but i doubt it.

This was it as of Thursday night, anyone need a NOS datsun wing or two!?!?



ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 5 RS
Well there you go then, it's only on 58k. They don't start falling apart till about 85 lol. The engines go on forever it's everything else that withers and dies