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106 Rallye

Thinking of getting myself a 1.3 106 Rallye. Anyone owned one or have any opinions on them? Need something cheap, fun, low insurance and good handling, and the 106 seems to fit the bill. Out and out speed really isnt an issue. Also, what about the 106 XS and XSi models?


fcuk me - they handle. My mate had a quick XSi lowered 70mm. We took a big island at 85mph in it once, shat myself.
They are like little karts, get the 1.6 rallye and take it to a tuners - they can get 160bhp - then they are nice!

I had a 106 rallye M95, My advise buy one there wicked. They do shift to. Induction noise is very pleasant. Handle well, but beware get to grips with the lift off oversteer quickly.

Cheers. Just got a quote from Tesco for insurance. They want £978 fully comp. for it!!!! Thats over £200 more than I pay for the 172 for a second car!



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Get one... youll love it.

The 106s handle well and I mean they REALLY handle well!!!

I had a 106 GTi for 2 years and it was amazing how well they handle, even as standard!

Superb for throwing sideways too and great lift off oversteer that means you can drive the thing oon the throttle round bends.

I know a couple of lads with mk1 Rallyes and I was driving one last week actually. For a 1.3 they really shift and wind them past 5000rpm and they sing round to 7,250rpm in every gear (literally) and its a joy to do so.

Silly close gearing + mad screemer 100bhp 1.3 engine + f*ck all weight = FUN!!!

i would go with the new 1.3 rallye. It can rev higher, it just misses out a bit of torque on the 1.6, although they both make 103-106bhp.

Easy to tune, and as everybody say, handle like a dream.

But the MK1 XR2 is just as good, cheaper and will qualify for classic insurace if you get a 79 one.

There 1.6 kent engines with cortina GT sized valves (large!) anyway. they come with 86bhp, but so much torque!!!

i can get from 80-110mph in 4th (4 speed box) in about 12 secs!!!

and mine doe 0-60 in 7.3 secs with the N20 on.

Makes the most beautiful 60s race car noise.

Mines lowered 2" on custom spax units, 2 deg neg camber. about 850kg, 45bhp n20 system. ears full group a rally exhaust system (70 quid!!), ashley 4-2-1 manifold (40 quid new!!!) uprated group n brakes, port matched and the head tidied by myself.

all in all, about 102bhp on the standard webber.

it handles better than the 106 now modified and whe the front/rear strut braces come, itsll be so tight. Lift of oversteer is extreem, but controlable (i can get round an entire rounabout in a drift if i enter it @ about 80mph.....did loose it one though, but i was finding the limits.

oh, and you can turn off the ignition then back on and a huge backfire in the exhaust (not carb) results, sounds like a gun shot!! and shoots a huge afterburner style flame out about 2 ft!

trust me, the MK1 is your answer.

need help deciding?

and this pdf file show one of the best....wheels are too bight hough, bu thats for the huge brakes!!!