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106 Roll Cage

  MK2 Clio
Not sure where to post this. Has anyone attempted installing a non clio roll cage into a clio? ie Saxo or 106 one?
  S4 Avant
Are you familiar with dimensions? The amount of fabricating needed to get a non-clio roll cage to fit a clio, would be rediculous. You may as well start from scratch.
  MK2 Clio
Lol its for my mate, so far hes put a different bumper, exhaust, alloys and dash in his car from random cars but its based originally on a clio, its quite wierd lol
  MK2 Clio
I'll grab a picture next time he brings it out, Until then, imagine a scirocco body kit on a clio with deep dish alloys and just 4 bars in a row to hold all the dials on...