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11 weeks still no car

Sorry for this post i have just about had enough. i have tried everything possible to get this process speeded up and still have no luck. Apparently the garage reckon i have opened a can of worms with Renault UK and France. It seems that they have modified the engine to have smaller outlet ports but have forgotten to increment the engine number. Not knowing much about engines i take it smaller outlet ports mean less power output (Captain?). If this is true it means that newer 172 have less power is that documented anywhere? They really dont have a clue what is going on! i just hope no one else needs an engine replacing in the near future cos you will be in for a wait.
  Leon Cupra

Bloody hell mark 11 WEEKS!!! thought my 5 weeks was bad, it took 4 weeks of f**king about by Renault UK(i.e trying to get out of it) and 1 week for my dealer to fix it. Took only a few days to get my parts from France cant think why they are f**king you about so much.