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136 BHP Megane 2.0 LTR with VVTi

Just picked up the new Megane brochure

2.0Ltr VVT 136 / 192 NM Torque

1.6LTr VVT 115

1.4Ltr VVT 98

and 2 diesels 1.5 and 1.9

The Renault Sport version will no doubt create a HOT Megane unlike any of the models above! Nice Car though - thinkin of cutin and shuntin a Megane rear end onto me Cup
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Strange how the 2.0 litre 16v engines are getting less powerful. The first was the 150bhp Williams engine, next there was 140bhp IDE engine (as in the current cars), now we get 136bhp. Is this progress??
  FRST and 106 GTi

I guess its because of gas emissions... things are being cut down on emissions. :(

Now the name is Torque... at low revs.

Theyre not really performance cars though so they get lower spec engine. From the Wiliams 150bhp to Clio172s 172bhp, Id say that was progress.:)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

True. The Megane coupe is a performance car though. We have the 1.6 16v engine in our cabriolet and its plenty. I always thought a Megane coupe with a 172 engine would be a nice motor.

Dont be fooled into thinking that 190Nm of torque is more than on the older 2.0s. Manufacturers are quietly dropping the lb/ft measure as the Nm measure is a higher ratio compared to lb/ft.

So a Clio 16v with 116lb/ft of torque becomes 158Nm of torque @4250rpm!