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  1. T

    Strange Noise When Engine Is Warm

    Hi, first of all i am sorry my english is not good. I have a Renault Clio II K4J. Everything is fine when the engine is cold. but when it starts to warm up, there is a rattling sound from inside the engine. I think it comes from the top of the engine, where the camshafts are. In the sound...
  2. J

    Looking to build a meglio this winter

    Hello, I am hoping to build a 225 powered mk3 Clio and I am currently looking for the best build threads or guides available here on the forums or elsewhere? I've had a little search but looking for some recommendations. I currently own a stripped, half caged 200 which I adore but want a...
  3. Racky

    Cheap Megane 225 -800 Pounds

    Found this on FB page - "Renault Cars and Parts for Sale" . Maybe it's good for a project :) Megane 225, 97k £800 Peterhead 54 plate megane 225 sport, 97k, car has no mot, requires one abs sensor, and a front bumper (it's there but damaged) has an issue with the clutch, new one fitted but...
  4. Optimista

    Renault Megane Berline 2.0 16v F7R swap

    Hey guys, time to show my project :smile: So, this is my Megane berline ph2 from year 2000. Original engine is 1.4e and after 318 000 kilometers it decided to blow it's head gasket for the 3rd time.. I didn't want to invest in 1.4e engine anymore and then i came up with an idea to put and...
  5. Danith

    Megane 225/230 engine fuelling questions

    OK - I await all the 'don't be a fanny' comments and 'its 50/50' or 'my mate's has been on 3246236 bhp with no issues' :smile: - I'm not a gambling man, I don't do 50/50, but yes, I am a fanny. So my Megane R26 is currently on ktec turbo back with sports cat, 630cc injectors, ramair open cone...
  6. D

    Abs problem

    Hi all, I have a abs problem on a 2006 megane 1.6. The abs light has come on so I've hooked it up to the diagnostics and that's come back saying there's no reading from the drivers side abs sensor. Inspecting the sensor I found that the clip that holds the abs in had broke. Since then I've...
  7. welshname

    Alternator Woes

    Just wondering if anyone know whether a 225 alternator will fit onto the 197. I've been told it does and I can get hold of one much easier than I can a 197 item. Anyone? @Scrooge @Budgie
  8. imprezaworks

    Nice Megane trophy 225 for someone

    Not mine but this looks really nice. A member on the Megane forum too
  9. N

    Clio 182/197 built quality vs megane 225

    Hi guys, im looking for a nice little man car for my hubby, as a surprise for his birthday and i know back in the day he LOVED his renault 5 gt turbo so i thought id get him another Renault but i admit i don't know much about them. I like to know first off whats the interior built quality like...
  10. imprezaworks

    Rs tuner on Megane 225 advice please

    I'm considering going down this route. I know the likes of Rs tunning will be slightly better but hoping someone knows or has tried the tuner on their car. I would need the latest model tuner, version 8 I think? But if I can map the car like previous clios then happy days. I have spoke with...
  11. M

    Williams A46 Newark & Blue Megane Lincoln tonight 5:30 ish

    On my way home from work in Lincoln A46 in my titanium ph1, saw blue Megane got a wave from you :-) Then a very clean williams N reg on Newark bypass, looked a well kept example
  12. C

    Megane wheel alignment

    Does anyone know the dimensions for a megane 225 2007 with cup packs wheel alignment dimensions. It appears it came out of the factory with 0.10 toe per wheel but it's been set up at 0.01 toe per wheel now. Which one is correct. Car is oe and unmodified other than original eibach springs
  13. Rhys Beal

    Will Megane 250 rods fit F4R?

    As the title really. Will megane 250 con rods fit the Pistons and crank in a 172 F4R?
  14. Mr Burns

    Megane Crash...

    And it's a bad one!
  15. imprezaworks

    First Megane 225 Trophy.

    Yeah, I've changed the car, again. I was interested in a Megane for a while and after circumstances altered I thought fook it why not. Only has the car since Friday so haven't driven it much. But first impressions are great. Previously owned 6 clios I think this seems a nice step up in size...
  16. StuOwen86

    Evo magazine after a RenaultSport Megane Trophy/R

    As title just seen this if anyone one here
  17. H

    Sliver Megane 225 black bonnet. Folkestone.

    Drove past each other on the A20 I think it's called. Hazards were flashed. Nice car, quick..
  18. StuOwen86

    Megane Trophy R S/S - Eye watering £40,000

    Lol I'm bored lately and looking at all sorts, these look good but jeeeze £40k is a tad pricey.
  19. kieranadams97

    Megane 225 Cup

    Dads selling his Megane if anyone is interested:
  20. C

    Megane cambelt change

    Anyone know where I can get my hands on a guide for the megane 225 cambelt change details? Any guides floating around or Renault manuals.
  21. Dann2707

    M62 Leeds bound yellow megane

    You caught me looking full t**t today in my cap and glasses. My thumbs up was a bit delayed too.
  22. Blane Watson

    Megane splitter

    Has anyone got the Megan's ph2 splitter on there Clio if so could u post a pic up so I can see what it's like, someone said to do it but not sure
  23. Gaz_

    Clio 197/200/Megane Rear Caliper :)
  24. C

    Megane 250/265, overlooked?

    I'm currently shopping for a new steed, the Z4 has served me very well but I've always said I'll sell it this summer (although, I did say that last year too!). Criteria is - must be a capable drivers car as I'd like it to see the track and I just want something 'fun'. I test drove a 2015 audi...
  25. R

    Megane brembos 182

    Will Megane 225 brembos fit on my 182 cup or will the entire hub need changing before I buy some? Also does the calliper fit behind the standard wheels without spacers? (Not turinis)
  26. sharkeygrim

    megane piston crown codes

    Hi I was about to install my megane pistons into my clio block today for my turbo build before I noticed something. I have 3 piston with bm5 on the tip and 1 cm5 I'm curious as to what this could be as I don't want it to ne different piston. I've looked online and is its the reference number...
  27. AdDaMan

    White Megane 225 On Semi Slicks. Lakeside, Essex Saturday night.

    Spoke to you then, but wondered if you were on here?
  28. D

    Megane 5th gear

    Anyone have the part numbers? Been searching for ages to no avail.
  29. W

    What if renault made a megane cc rs

  30. .Joe

    Megane/Clio 197 Caliper bolt thread pitch

    Good Morning, i'm currently struggling to find the thread pitch for these bolts as im looking for a similar bolt just 10mm longer would anyone be able to help, im not sure whether they're 1.25 or 1.5 pitched Many thanks, Joe