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16’s on an RT

I have a 1996 RT and have been offered some v.nice 16" wheels for a good price. Will i have much trouble with rubbing if i have them fitted with a 30mm drop??

They will have 195/45/16 tyres on.

All help will be great



ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

yes u will have problems u will need arch work for sure on the front and possibly on the back.

i have tried and failed before i bought my 15s only way u could get em on the front is if u got some 16v front wings which are 30 quid each ex vat and paint them as they are slightly wider then u could fix 16s i recon u could get the arches sprayed and fitted for like 130- 150 quid for the pair so if u want 16s that is the easiest.


no. i dropped my rt 55mm at front and 40 at back on 17" wheels. My friend has dropped 55mm at front and about 70mm at back on 16" wheels. The arches need rolling which you can either do yourself(as i did, for my friend also) or take it to a body shop. i got ver minor rubbing and my mate gets f**k all. It is definitly worth it, but of the 17 or 16 thing i would go for 16s
  Skoda Fabia vRS

demon tweeks do it, i think they charge £20 a side

i say go with em, everyones experiences seem different, i get slight rubbin on 15s ! the front......some people dont get any with 16s !

Mine dropped about 35mm on 16s, the only place I had problems was at the back when they lowered it about 60mm and it scrubbed with just me in! Now theyve set it back to what it should have been. But Ive never had trouble with metal work, just had to take the liners out (strangely only on the drivers side (???)) except very occasionally when it was dropped 60mm. I think youll be ok.


I have my RT lowered 35mm on 7x16s and have no problems apart from a little bit of rubbing on full lock. I have harder shocks on the rear and can carry 2 people in the back with no problems at all. Also it still handles quite nicely although the acceleration has suffered (which i expected). I have been runnin it with this setup for a year now and have the car in almost daily use (apart from when I take the Williams for a spin).


I had no problems -40mm up front on 16" wheels on my old 1.2. But the back was a different story. Always had the wheels rubbing, even with just me in - especially at the bottom of the rear quarter panels where the wheels kept pushing the metal out! Started to cause rust and other problems: the main reason I got a 16v! But then it was lowered -80mm at the back!
  ff 182

Ive got an Rt lowered 35mm but the subs way it down alot more with 195/45/16s on and i can take 3 people in the back any more and it rubs.Go for it mate.


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

well spose my front is at -65mm and rear between -75 and 80mm

if its at standard hight might be fine.

  Clio Gtt

clio_racer is your car the standard paint colour. its well nice! do the valvers come in that colour.

a quick question - peopel are saying that the practicialities and effects of putting 16s on vary from car to car, but suruely all RT ph.1s would act the same, either rub or not rub?

i really wanna stretch to 16s on mine but dont wanna shell out only to find that they rub and/or are impractical - spose i need to find a mate with compatible 16s to test first?!

Its a Renault mate even though they are all phase 1s does not mean they are exactly the same, it is the same as the engines some just come out of the factory loads quicker than the standard, so yes your best bet is find some 16s and test them.



ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

remember u might notice that 15s give u slightly better acceleration than 16s cos of the size and might also handle better.


Remember, the offset has a big effect on whether you get any rubbing or not, if you get it wrong and they sit much further in or out from their original offset you can have scrubbing, but get it dead on or near enough and you certainly will have a better chance of it not scrubbing at all.

Different tyres make a lot of difference, along with how much tread you have them!

And Juss, yes its the standard 608 (I think thats the right number) Tungsten 2 stage metallic, but its been resprayed with extra laquer which makes it look darker and deeper than the standard Renault job. :) They do it for the valvers as far as I know.

Ive got BK238s and would advise not to get them... theyre very common. I went to Donny Show this year and almost a quarter of the cars had the BKs or a similar style on... I quite fancy a set of Dares...

15s for handling and no reduction in acceleration or 16s for the looks.

Mine looks well but theyve dented the performance some what, its very sluggish on the motorway.