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16 Speedlines

New wheels fitted. Handling has not been affected in any nagative way:). Toyos are great. Tramlining is no more!


Looks well nice mate, strange on the eye cos oyu expect the car to be blue. Top choice though!:D

Try right picture in some sort of pictureviewer/editor......enlarge. I am at home, pics at work.

Wow, they do look good, was woundering what theyd be like on a silver car.

How much did they cost???? I want, I want, I want!!! :D

Hi mate i got mine on order costing me £550 from my mates at my local renault dealer, that well wicked you posted these pic i myself have a mk1 172 and now cant wait until i get em
nice one


My brother is a Volvo/Renault dealer, still had to pay 615 just for the wheel and thats 20% discount. Great deal you got SHORTY. But its worth every penny:D