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  1. Advikaz

    What Colour 2118's for RB 182????????

    I still can't decide. Feel free to post pics..............................................
  2. F

    Wheel lug nuts specs OZ F1 CUP 16

    Hi, So I got some new set of shoes for the car, and went ahead with some 16” OZ F1 CUP ET37 The thing is the guy I bought them from forgot one lug nut I cannot for the life of me find the specs for them, anyone of you got the same wheels and know them and where to buy them from ? I kinda know...
  3. J

    Jonno56 | Clio 200 | Ultra Red

    Having owned this for a few months now, I thought I'd finally post a proper progress thread. Wouldn't expect quick progress mind. Anyway; bought this car in January, good mileage and well specc'd: - FF Clio 200 with cup pack - 47k miles - Recaro seats - Speedline wheels - Cornering/projector...
  4. Rickwood

    Speedline corse.

    Hi all. Ive seen a set of 6 spoke speeline wheels forsale. Comp 2 or 2108 i believe. Has anyone got any photos of these on a clio and what they fit like etc. Thanks in advance
  5. B

    Speedline turini 16" wheels

    What would a set of these newly powder coated be worth? Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section
  6. 182_Ads

    16" Speedline Turinis 4 x 100

    My Speedlines are on eBay now, No tyres included, Collection only!
  7. ClioSpurt

    Speedline Turini 16"

    Guys, need some help. I'm purchasing some 16" speedline Turinis brand new next week. My question is what offset should I get? I've read conflicting opinions on the ET for my 182 FF. Please can someone give me some definitive info please. I just want them to sit how they were designed to on...
  8. S

    Offset and ET of Speedline Turini

    Basically I am selling these alloys but I dno what the offset and et will be on 17 inch alloys. Can anyone help me please? I got these people asking me these questions but dno what they on about lol
  9. N

    Clio 197 cup speedlines

    Just a quick on on behalf of a friend, is there any difference in the 197 cup alloys in terms of either offset or width when compared to standard 197 wheels
  10. StuOwen86

    Finally got my Speedlines refurbished

    Just picked them up from the local powder coaters who will be doing my cage. A million times better than the idiot who refurbished them first and made a total mess of them (twice)
  11. W


    Hello I have a set of speedline turinis that i will be looking to sell soon. They are in need of a refurb as they have bad kerbing. Do you think i would be better selling them as they are or after a refurb?
  12. B

    Speedline Turini centre bore on Clio Standard fitment

    I am looking for a set of Turini for my Mini Cooper S, and was wonder if the clio standard fit cup wheels had a renault specific centre bore, and if so are the cups the same 60.1mm as the non cups? Thanks Rich
  13. Le Baguette

    Status on Speedline 2108 & 2110

    I'm looking at getting either a set of Speedline 2108 (Comp 2) or 2110 (Champion?) in gold for my 172 and found a dealer in Sweden through Speedline's website. Unfortunately they pretty much only sell rally wheels in a batch of >24 wheels and I couldn't find any info about either wheel on their...
  14. Chapppers11

    New speedline colour on the 200.

    Hi guys, long time no post but I thought this may be of interest to some. I had two sets of Speedlines refurb'd by Hereford Alloy Wheel Solutions, one set in the OEM Satin Black and another in Charcoal Anthracite. I have had the Charcoal set put on for now and love the colour! Old...
  15. mccabe172

    172 cup speedline with toyo t1r

    Clio 172 cup speedline 172 cup speedline with toyo t1r tyre, not sure on value so have placed on ebay: I also have another toyo t1r, open to offers on this, part worn.
  16. S

    Speedline Turini's

    Hi, Looking for a set of Speedline Turini's for my Clio 182. Should I go for 16's and if so where is the best place to pick these up. I'm not worried about them being brand new.
  17. trev92

    How much arw my Speedline 2118's worth?

    As above, how much are my Speedline 2118's worth? They've got Yokohama AD08's on them, two with 4mm tread and two with 6mm tread, I refurbed them on the weekend myself using base coat and lacquer out of a gun so there pretty good. Here's a pic... Looking for some silver pro race 1.2's now...
  18. S

    Speedline Ragnotti (turini) 16" ???

    Hello, someone here with Speedline Ragnotti 16" white (Renault sport Gr.N) I will order new one this week hope they sit well on my clio. Before i have little problem with rubbing tires when 3 people sit in my car on oz chrono 7x15 et37 with winter tires 195/50/15 and now i change to ozf1 with...
  19. mark1989

    speedline 2118 offset

    Hey guys i was just wondering what the lowest offset that you can get in speedline 2118s? I know u can get et45 but id prefer something abit lower like et35 or there about's. Any help on this would great :) Thanks mark.
  20. VIICarCare

    speedline centre caps

    Do I need 58 or 60mm caps? I measured the width & it seems to be 60mm. Although, I am due another eye test! My worry is, the fronts won't fit as the nut seems to come out quite far? Also, can I get Renault ones? I bought some 60mm ones but don't fit. I'm also refurbing my alloys so would...
  21. D

    Am i the only person with these Speedline's?

    Wondered if anyone else has put these Speedline's on a clio before? I had them bored out to fit but they were a 4x100 fitment so didnt need to be redrilled Then powdercoated white, wrapped in proxes and some new centre caps :)
  22. D

    ARCTIC 182 + Custom Speedline's + M3 content

    Thought id start off by uploading a few pics of my previous clio's from a few years back when i was 17/18, both were 1.2's but i enjoyed them all the same. The black one below was my first car and the silver came a year later after i stupidly swapped the black one for a ibiza in a bid to make...
  23. Sideways182

    Gold speedlines

    I've got a BG 182 and have been toying with the idea of gold speedlines. Anybody gone down the same road? Think black on gold wheels would look pretty smart.
  24. T

    nasty speedlines

    before the clean up and after just need to paint them now. all 4 alloys are bad even on the inside of the wheel.
  25. J

    speedline 2118

    Hi Where do i buy speedlines 2118 at the best price ?
  26. simondavies89

    speedline 2118 size help.

    hi can someone tell me the distance from the face, into the bore to the part it locates on (dont know tech name)? im making center caps for some one and i want to no how far they will go in untill the hit the rim? i have 2118s but they are off a swift and have been rebored and the ET is...
  27. bryera

    15" Speedline Turinis spacers ???

    Hay guys I have just put some 15" Speedline Turinis but have been tolled I need spacers and don't know what I am looking for when I turn on full lock I get a knocking noise and when I park on a curb the tyre rubs really bad and just not drive the same would you say spacers is what I need ? and...
  28. marshall878

    Renaultsport Clio 200 - Liquid yellow, speedlines, recaros, cup spoiler, KW V3s

    Please see my 200 now for sale on eBay Spread the word!!
  29. J

    Speedline Turinis 16" with ad08 tyres.

    Hello all, Its with great regret that I have decided to sell my fantastic clio, so first up for sale is my speedline turinis which Ive only just put on the car and now Ive taken them off again to sell seperately. Please see my ebay page for more detials about them and the pictures. The...
  30. G

    Speedline 2118 question

    Hi guys As some of you know I run speedline 2118's on my track car of which came with it when I bought the car for another member. My question is why are mine different from the ones you can buy from most companies? I have just found out this as I'm looking for another set but mine are the...