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16 Valve Brakes


I reckon the brakes are pretty poor on my 16 valve and want to upgrade to something that actually feels like its biting. The only problem is I am presently unemployed (not by choice) so finances are really tight.

Whats a good upgrade at a sensible price do you reckon? It might take selling something of mine to raise the cash at the moment.

So much for a huge job market for qualified IT people as I left my job, went to Uni at a hell of a cost, then the damn job IT sector droppped out!

I am glad I have my 16 Valve as it keeps the smile of my face, however being able to stop it when i want would be nice!


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Dont tell me thatr mate I am doing a Computer Science degree at bournemouth DOH!!!

Anyway about the brakes.

Check out K-TEC and BB Tuning. There websites provide products. Either a replacement carrier which allows bigger disks to be fitted whole package of Discs, pads and carriers is around the £200 mark

Think BB Tuning do 4 Pot Billet Calipers, Disks, pads etc. These start at around £360 and go up depending on size.

Check out the link section for there web address dont know them of the top of my head!!!

Hope that helps mate!

Most cost effective way.......

a set of group N discs (maxtorq) for 35.20

and either some mintex 1144 pads (which i have had on the track in a MK1 fezzy lapping faster than a porsche 928) with no fade and i rate very highly, or some Hawk ferro carbon pads.

mintex = 35.79

Hawk HPS = 28.00

hawk Black = 47.50

i run m144 with no problems whatsoever.

I always say stay away from EBC but many will disagree, but i find them apalling and cheap. And for this money, hell its the best VFM you can get!

Nice one Liquid_ICE thanks for the info. Heres some advice for you mate. If you are doing your degree then apply for a grad position while you are Uni as its alot easier I reckon to gain employment. If you deside to do a work placement then the odds on you getting a job certainly increases as stats show most undergrads get full time employment from the work placement.

6 out of 46 graduated from my course but just getting on with it and preservearance was my key to graduation.


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Got to used to late nights and yeop addicted!!!

Cant go to sleep at the moment!!

GF is snoring like a baby!!!

:D my girlfriend used to snore. I find placing squeezing her nostriles together usually works (although it incurrs a pain penalty and verbal abuse).


im usually working and fiddling about with the cylinder heads, doing bits which dont require me making too much noise. cant do any grinding now!

I usually leave this site running all day.....

set of group N discs (maxtorq) for 35.20. Do you know where i can get these from Ben please? I cant stretch to the K-tec abd BB Tuning parts as I would have a good set of brakes but a car in the drive wiht no fuel for weeks.

Oh yes when i said i USED to have a gf that snored "USED" is the operative word as we split up after she told me i thought more of my cars than her.

i didnt actually say that but didnt reply either. Strange girl she used to complain when i let her clean my car inside and out. I mean thats gratitude for you isnt it!

haha.....lucky mine understand me, as i often stand her up to do stuff on

replied ot your email already with details...

Thats right 36! I have been told i am childish, immature, you name it by my girlfriends!

I surf all around the world, done all sorts so hwne i am about 160 yrs old i will calm donw and retire maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its the only age i can afford the insurance on my 16 valve!!!!!!!! (bloody good excuse)

cool, i bodyboard in HK....ocassionally we get some nice waves, but good thing is that there is NO rip!!! yay!

If you want a rip try Hossegor and Veux be cous in France! Bloody hell i nearly drowned after being dragged sideways to a river mouth about 1/2 mile in fairly big surf (never again).

Well i am off to sleep as this retirement home for 36 yr olds gets a bit rough this time in the morning.