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  1. M

    Clio 197 Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

    Hi, my clio 197 brakes have gone spongy and inconsistent with pressure. I've noticed an internal leak from the brake booster. I've scoured the net and simply cannot find a RHD replacement. Apparently, it has been discontinued by Renault. I've seen mentions of a Peugeot 406 fitting, but not...
  2. M

    Clio RS 200 cup advice needed

    Hi, new to the forum, just need a bit of advice on a few things that are recommended for my Clio 2010 cup. It's got a Miltek exhaust, Rs tuning map, standard OEM cup suspension, Zpo shifter. Currently on 97k miles, drives really well for the mileage. What front brake pads/discs are recommended...
  3. S

    Rear brake drum/shoes dimensions please

    I have an 04 mk2 phase 2 extreme 4 trim. Im looking to replace the rear drums and shoes and the car has sat for a while and they are sounding and looking like they could do with being changed. Does anyone know the dimensions of the shoes and the drums so i can make sure i order the right ones...
  4. S

    Rear brake dimensions

    Looking to get new drums and shoes but without measuring them myself I have no idea which ones are the right ones. Does anyone know what dimensions I need for an 04 mk2 phase 2 extreme 4 ? Both the shoes and the drums please.
  5. 2

    Williams 3 Rear discs and pads

    Looking to get my Williams 3 back on the road and out of hibernation and it has failed its MOT and needs new rear discs and pads. Does anyone know where to find original rear pads and discs? Can find the front online, but not the rear. Or recommend best after-market replacements please? I'm...
  6. M

    ABS light

    this week i did trackday with my clio rs 172 and in turn 1 with hard braking the abs light came on and since then it hasn't gone out, what will happen?
  7. F

    Clio 197/Megane 225 brakes on Clio 182

    Hi guys I’m thinking about upgrading the brakes on my lil 182 now. So I was wondering all the things i need to run them. -The Calipers obviously -These things (idk what they’re called in English) And do I need the brake lines from the 197 too ? What else ? Thanks in advance
  8. AndyPembs182

    Calliper bolts

    Does anyone know the correct size of bolt to hold the callipers onto the hub on a 182? Are they the same front and rear?
  9. U

    Clio mk3 clicking front drivers side?

    I’ve had a clicking sound on the front drivers side of my car for a few months and I can’t figure out what it is. it started happening a few thousand miles after changing dics and pads. It happens when pulling off or when I accelerate then come off the accelerator. What I’ve changed: Brake pads...
  10. Iamhiding

    Odd brake pressure issue non cup 172 ph2

    Hi guys, just want to bounce this off someone. Clio 172 ph2 non cup with abs. I’m no stranger to rebuilding bike/car brakes etc, spent more time doing it than I care to think about although I’m less familiar when it comes to abs systems. So the story, Brakes were fine prior to this. few...
  11. Rystar

    Brake Servo, Master Cylinder, Vacuum feed, should I be buying new?

    Hi All, Car is recently off the road with the exhaust manifold and everything out which we all know is a PITA, and I happened to look at the brake servo while I was there. There's rust on the servo that looks to me like it would have been caused by fluid leaks from the master cylinder...
  12. B

    brake light switch?

    Hi, i have a 2004 Clio 1.4... i have seen it's a relatively common issue, but the brake lights dont come on at all unless my foot is fully depressed to the floor, basically an emergency brake! I have had the brakelight switch changed, this did not solve the issue.... any ideas what else it...
  13. A

    DCi daily love affair

    Hi all, hope I'm putting this in the right place this time ?. just wanted to say hi and start a thread about my daily which was saved from the scrap yard in the sky and now under "project" status. Roll the clocks back to October and my other half came home from work with tales of been given a...
  14. wiv678

    Rear Brake Issue: Post-wash Brake Performance Worse

    Hi All, I’ve experienced my first issue with my Clio 182 and so here is my first post Background Around three weeks ago, I washed my car and then applied handbrake and left the car to sit (without moving it post-wash) for two weeks. On my return and went to move the car and the rear pads had...
  15. R

    Dynamique VS Dynamique S

    I've got a Mk3 1.5 dci pre-facelift. Its a dynamique , not an S tho. I prefer the look of the S and was wondering what actual differences there are between them. i know the s has better looking wheels. I also noticed that they run discs on the back. Anybody know how hard it would be to convert...
  16. Crayola

    Rear brake pipes

    My dCi 100 just failed its MOT on the rear flexi part of the rear axle brake pipes being corroded ASF! I know that Renault used to sell these but can't seem to find them anywhere! I have a spare dCi 100 which I'm currently pulling apart for spares (for just this such an occasion), they're the...
  17. BennyGoose

    Brake Ducts

    What have people used, and where have you bought it, to make the tubing behind bass port brake ducts? What have you used to attach tubing to and through arch liner? Another bass port?
  18. Carlos_2017

    Brake Position Sensor

    Hello guys! Can anyone explain to me how I adjust this sensor?! I posted this morning, but in the wrong part of the forum! (Sorry!)
  19. Joe Wootten

    Brembos brakes

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of getting all the bits for a 197/200 Brembos conversion on my 182, I was just wondering if anyone new how long I need the braided line to be?(I'm guessing they need a different length to the oe calipers?) As I am making a set of lines up myself. Any help...
  20. Captain Hat

    Recommendations for a track car

    I'm building a 172 Cup into a track car. My main priority is gonna be suspension and brake setup to start with (though I am easily distracted by shiny things) but I have no idea where to start. My goal is, obviously, improved handling. I plan to do most of the work myself; I've worked on...
  21. W

    Changing The Rear Pads/Discs - RS 200

    Hi Guys, I plan to undertake this task on Saturday but wanted to get your advice before doing so... I have ordered the following from K-Tec - I have searched the forum for a guide on this but the only guide seems to be a link to...
  22. Harley-xi

    182 Brake Set Ups?

    Hi guys! My 182 is going to need some new brake pipes soon and was thinking about upgrading the discs, calipers and pads whilst I was at it. I just wanted to know what set ups everyone has and what you'd recommend and what to avoid! Cheers!
  23. D

    Abs problem

    Hi all, I have a abs problem on a 2006 megane 1.6. The abs light has come on so I've hooked it up to the diagnostics and that's come back saying there's no reading from the drivers side abs sensor. Inspecting the sensor I found that the clip that holds the abs in had broke. Since then I've...
  24. F

    Brake Fluid

    After swapping front wheels to back today I came across a fully fractured rear disc in three places. Decided after doing a rear brake overhaul and the fronts having been done 2 months ago by previous owner, I would fit braided lines and new fluid. Chose my lines (good ridge - as they pressure...
  25. gogs_101

    George's FF 182 Progress Thread

    Hi all, Been lurking on this forum for a couple of months now, decided to finally start a thread for my Arctic Blue FF 182. Picked up the car from a private seller over in Pontefract back in November, paid a fair price given its mileage (~70k) and the crucial belts and timing done in Aug 15 on...
  26. ThatKidSmokey

    Cambelt service and £200 voucher

    At this years clioSport festival I won a cambelt service on any Clio from diamond motors and a £200 voucher at road track race from the raffle. My Clio is on its way out so it's very doubtful I will use either of these prizes. Would anyone won't to buy them from me for a cheap price...
  27. RPX172

    Warning lights wont go out after removing ABS.

    I decided to delete the abs and remove everything that comes with it, ive fitted a bias valve and replaced all the pipes with braided hoses from Proline Motorsport. The brakes feel much better now, but the stop light and handbrake light wont go out now. :( Its a Ph2 Clio 172 with a gearbox type...
  28. J

    Brake lights don't come on until the pedal is all the way down?

    I've just got my First car (a Clio mk2 extreme 4) and the brake lights don't come on till the pedal is as far down as it will go, this obviously is unsafe, any one know what I should do? (Not sure if I've posted this in the right place so sorry if it's in the wrong place)
  29. Captain Hat

    Looking for replacement 172 Cup parts

    What's the best place to look for replacement stock bits for a 172 Cup? I'm looking for brake discs and pads, shocks and springs just now. None of it's urgent, but I like to start doing my research early. On a not entirely related note, what's the most cost-effective route to go down if I'm...
  30. CDES

    Brake (non)Retaining Bar

    Is it common for the metal retaining bar to disappear and the brakes pad to go with them... This is the second set of pads I am having to put on in 2 weeks...