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16 valvers,mpg and rpm

  Toureg vW Transporte

rite guys can u help me answer a few of my own questions having just bought it a few things baffle me im only getting bout 280 miles out of a full tank ???is this correct. And wot kindda rpm are ur motas running when you are doing 80 mph mines 4k this seems quite high,but when u get to 110 the rev counter does seem to slow down,... sorry to ask such stupid questions thanx
  Audi S3

4k at 80 is about right remember its not a moterway cruiser its a hot hatch

for best economy below 3k on the revs


280 miles out of a full tank is ok - not the best but ok. I get about 300 miles obviously depending on how i drive it - normally fairly hard. I find if i drive it normally then cain it i use the same amount of petrol as if i was driving hard constantly. They are very thirsty machines when your foot is planted.

80mph a 4k is probably about right in 5th gear.

As you can see from the pic below your probably looking at 6300rpm for 130 mph in 5th.

when i used to live two miles away from my work i used to get 180. now i get around 260.

180 was a pleasant surprise at the time cos my last car used to do 120miles on £45:eek:
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

My car will do about 180-200 miles on £35!

If only i could get near 300!! You lot obviously all drive like pansies lol!!!