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16v Clutch cable

  clio williams, Ph1 172

Anyone know how long these last normally on a 16v. My last one lasted about 3000 miles, surely this cant be normal, genuine renault too.
  Golf GTi DSG

3000 miles sounds naff to me, you dont sit riding the clutch on hills or owt daft like that do you?

The pedal needs to be updated, i had to have mine done, should have been a re-call. But costs around £100 for Cable, Pedal + Labour.

mine went a year ago, thought it would last ages but went again recently. wasnt actually the cable the second time but the plastic cup that holds it in place, think the bloke that fitted it the first time ballsed it up.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Renault say it is the clutch pedal like you said.

Does anyone know if they changed it on the phase 2s?
  clio williams, Ph1 172

They are about £25 quid for a new pedal. Whys it such a c**t to change! Cant get the new one on. Fine at the engine end but theres a bloody great manifold in the way of gettin it into the car. Typical renault!

Mines a Phase 2, i had the cable snap @ 57k... it pisss me off cuz as advised above this should have been a recall as its a known issue in both the publics eye and renaults!! so instead we have to folk out a quoted "£120" to have a cable fitted with a new ped thats renaults design thought to begin with. Since replacing mine however its been ok... not sure for how long tho.. i had no history with the car that indicated that the cable was replaced before i bought my valver, and that was with 42k on the clock.

Its a b*****d job too!
  clio williams, Ph1 172

It is annoying yes. Cant afford that sh*t. Just gonna have to keep changin it. Unless anyone has a new style pedal going cheap!