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16V Dash Fitting

Does anyone know how to fit a 16V dash with the extra dials in to an RSI i was trying to get a dash and then fit it bur i have heard it can be quite a job does anyone know about ti at all.

Cheers peeps

I put a MK2 Dash in a MK1 Nova, and that took two days and was hard work(re-wiring loom etc). Would never mess with renaults, seem to put most stuff in backwards.
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I looked into doing it on my RT as I have the right dash with the space for the extra dials but as I said, 2 years to do it, no wait, 3 years :)

Yea, but I bet ya they wont get any readings.

I didnt originally have the Oil Level on mine or Rev Counter.

Cost me 70 quid to have the rev counter converted to work, and the oil level still dont work - Renault dont seem to put sensors which arnt needed in. Took me about 4 - 6 weeks in the end to find out what to do!

Maybe the RSi has them, but I doubt they will.


I dont know i need a whole 16V dash to replace the old one and then to wire everything up and convert the rev counter sounds like fun ha ha

You probably wont have to convert the rev counter!

I only had to because the dials I got were from a different ignition system than mine - mines electronic.. so thats why I had to have that done.

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I like Dust fitted a Mk2 in a Nova and that took like 7 Hours and everything worked. Prepare to swear, when the old dash is off and you see all the seperate wires and Looms hanging you sh*t your pants. MAKE SURE YOU LABEL EVERYTHING BEFORE HAND!!!!

But on the renault judging by what people have said wouldnt bother with it. Unless you just leave the three dials non working. Just for effect. That would be sh*t though