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16v Troubles, anyone help

Hello Fellas

Ive only been registered two days and all I seem to do is keep coming ad asking questions but I was hoping someone could help me with a few little problems I am having with my lovely K Reg 16V.

First off problems starting the car. When I get in the car after an overnight rest my car starts first time no problem, but if I only pop down the road 5 mins away to the shop or something then try to start it again I have problem, I have to keep off all the pedals, and keep the ignition on growling away then it starts after about 10-15 seconds. It will then start every time the next few times. It seems that if I go on longer journeys eg to work etc I have no trouble starting again after the longer journey, the problem is really intermittent and sometimes can go weeks without problem.

Secondly heater problems. The problem I have is the heater never gets up to full temperature, my g/f has an K Reg 1.4 RT and her heater gets up to temp within minutes of starting the car but mine never reaches even half the temp of hers. All three speeds work fine on the blower and I do get some heat but nowhere near enough. I have been told that I have blocked heater matrix? could this be it? and if so is it easy to do armed with a Haynes manual and common sense? or maybe anything else I should check for?

Third, I have a problem with my Speedo, then I am going at low speeds the needle seems to jump up and down making a really annoying ticking kind of sound. It gets better the faster I go, but is still noticeable. The Speedo is working and give and good read out it is like a needle on a weighing scale bouncing up and down. Anyone know how easy this would be to fix?

Fourth, the Tin type heat shield thing that I have have in my engine bay is knackered, any one know where I can get a new one?

Sorry to barrage you with all these questions but all I seem to have is problems with my valver Ive had it 2 years, Ive had new clutch, clutch cable, brakes, radiator, alternator, exhausts etc, etc... but I still love the car, all I can think about is that at least after all these new bits I should get a few miles out of the old girl.

Anyway If anyone could help me with any of the problems above I would be grateful.


  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

The speedo needle jumping is just a worn speedo cable, needs replacing.

They aint cheap though so suffer it like the rest of us !! Unless you have pots of money !! If so can i have some.

The heating does sound like the heater matrix. Again not cheap, ask bob RTE he will be able to advise on that one !

Starting problem, sounds like a faulty sensor or stat.

Again thats one for bob.
  Revels Mum & Sister

I had to buy a speedo cable from renault think it was about £38 Inc Vat

b*****d to fit though.
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg


Problems 1 - 4

1/ Could be a coolant temperature sensor or the TDC pick-up. Both can cause this type of problem but this is only an educated guess! Accelerator pedal should NEVER be depressed while trying to start the engine!

2/ Heater not getting hot. Could be a dodgy thermostat, but more likely to be a blocked heater matrix. Not a nice job! Complete dash removal and then out with the heater box to replace said matrix.

3/ Definately a speedo cable! (not a guess!)

4/ Dunno about cost. If the heatshield is completely knackered, then replace it or patch it up.

Hope that helps.


The heat shield cost me £42.12 in VAT, part no. 7700817534. Get one as it protects your power steering and brake pipes. If you get a new one and give the engine a bit of a clean, it will look like new under there.

Cheers lads for the replys.

Im guessing a trip down to Renault is order then for my starting problems.

I think the thermostat had jst recently been replaced so I hope its not that.

Again I think a trip to Renault for the heater matrix..andyspares has one for around £30-40 but everyone seems to think its an ass of a job, so I think Im gonna get fleeced at Renault, its beginning to piss me off not being able to demist the windscreen.

Again Renault for the Speedo, but I might just leave that for the time being.

Hey well, looks like Ill be putting my respray off till later on in the year. The joys of owning a 16v :)

Cheers Again

Try to find a local Renault specialist. There are loads of ex-Renault mechanics out there who have started up independently. Where abouts are you situated?