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16v V 2.0 Focus ESP

My mates just picked up one of these focuss with 11k on the clock, so we thought we would have a little fun!!

The valver pulled ahead of him no trouble at all, and was easily getting a good 6+ car lengths away on the long straights!!!! As for the twistys his esp is pretty impressive, but the valver could easily go round as fast if not quicker id say!!!!!!!! i have got p-zeros all round though!!

So another one to chalk up for the valver!!!!!!!!!

  Laguna 2, Westfield

They only have a 9.0 seconds 0-60, so i hope you could toast him :D

Focus is comfortable for criusing around in though and has lots of equipment. Get some decent tyres on the focus, not the standard fuel saver crap and hell match you on the twisties :cool:

9 secs to 60!! blimey!

i thought they were a bit quicker than that! ah well he used to have a 306xsi which used to kill my pug gti so it was time for revenge!!!!!! HAHA :devilish:

The standard 2.0 16v is a 130bhp unit and it would be meat for a new-shape 1.6 Clio. The 2.0 ST170 would make a good match for the 16v; more power but with a power-to-weight of 140bhp/ton (the same as a standard 16v).