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172 a little bit broken

  172/ Mini Cooper 68
:dead::(Hi all

Been the owner of this 172 just over a year, bought it broken with no MOT off a friend who has a habit of killing cars, always wanted a fast renault now I have one, although off the road (my love started with the R5 Gordini). Haven't been able to spend time or money for various reasons (wife, kids, family, house, etc), but seriously trying to get it together to see if the car is as good as it looks.


Problems when I bought the car the previous owner wasn't sure (not mechanically minded) what was wrong with it, except it was running rough, the exhaust had broken and was due MOT/Tax, so he decided enoughs enough, not spending anymore money into the car. Then I stepped in, I tried to get my mechanic to look into it and find the problem, at first it sounded very rough (not forgetting it had no back box, that was in the boot! It could be a bent valve, I was prepared to spend some money on it, but not throw money at it, I figured about £600 for the bent valve, which at the time my mechanic came back back with a similar ball park figure. After I decided he should get on to it, he cameback and said he wasn't keen and it would be nearer £1,000, ouch time for a rethink. Phoned a few mates, one knew a mechanic with renault, but he is going abroad very shortly, but he did suggest that it was very unlikely bent valves, try spark plugs etc first, time to look for a forum with some knowledge, so hear I am.

NGK plugs are on the way, just fitted a new battery and sorted out the cloudy clio headlights this weekend (could be better), loosened the stuck bonnet catch. I have now realised the engine mount top os is loose, bolt doesn't seem to be connected and doesn't want to come out, even though it spins freely, trying to work that one out. And I think I have an oil leak, down the left hand side near the belts and alternator, so degreased that whole area and wait to see where it starts again. These seem to be very common clio problems, I just seem to have most of them in this car.

It didn't look good when I went on ebay and there seems to be nothing but cliosports being broken up.

Parts currently on my shopping list:
Alternator (just caught fire this morn after starting it up, that will be why it wasn't charging then)
Cat back exhaust system or centre box only
New exhaust mounts back one knackered
Engine top mount o/s (should I get uprated, as it rocks round like a b***h at the moment, that explains the broken exhaust), if so do I get poly bushes or just this one mount (n/s mount under battery looks very new).
Rear shocks as it bounced like a kangaroo when I got it (the car has been lowered, not sure by how much, not sure what shocks I should go for).
Will need at least 2 new tyres (anyone recognise which OZ wheels these are).

Looking forward to sorting this lot out. Thanks for any help, much appreciated.