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172 cam seals

  clio 172 phs1 turbo
Hi all just a quick question is there any where an buy a set of cam seals in essex for the f4r engines with out going renault as there isnt any my area thanks tom
Cam seals as in behind the pulleys? or do you mean core plugs (two black caps gearbox end) order over the phone from renault. i wouldn't use non genuine tbh
  clio 172 phs1 turbo
Pulley side unfortunatly and fair enuff thought i would ask before buyin pattern parts any idea how much im looking at for the seals?
  clio 172 phs1 turbo
I know how to fit them just need to buy them now cars been off road for ages now as iv been puttin it off for ages i think ill stay safe and go renault in the morning £ 30 aint so bad after all just a pain not having my car now cheers guys