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172 Computer!

The bloody thing doesnt work, taking it back to Renault on Sunday. But its a let down to be honest.

Anyone else had any probs? Do you know how to sort it?

The rest of the car makes up for it, but.... well... you know how it is..

  Ford Fiesta

whats up with it, no display incoorect figures or what? cant say ive heard of any probs with them b4 on any of the model
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

a couple of people have had that with brand new ones from Motorpoint, i dont know if they have had them looked at, mine is coming from Motorpoint on tuesday and i dare say it will have exactly the same problem, its going to Renault ASAP for the alarm to be fitted so ill make sure they take a look at it then. Ask BUNGY about his, he had the same problem but i dont know if hes had it seen to yet.

Gaz 2130

Gaz dood, I think you will find that motorpoint has nothing to do with the fault apart from they sell the most cars..

Most people are sensible enough to buy from the cheapest supplier with the SAME warranty m8.

its just that they sell more, so any faults are bound to apply more to MP than other lesser companies..

and, why would you want an alarm that no one takes any notice of ?
  Clio v6

I expect you have tried holding the buttons in then switching on ignition keeping it held in?
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

Captain, i wasnt implying that it was a Motorpoint fault or problem, although reading over what i typed i can see how you have got that impression. What i meant was that there have been that many people who have recently picked a 172 from MP with that problem that it is very likely mine will too, as they are probably going to be made in the same factory.

Gaz 2130
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

PS what do you mean about the alarm? that its a crap alarm or that i dont need one at all?

I havent booked mine in yet to have the trip computer looked at but I have exactly the same problem. I got my car last week. please let me know what Renault say after they have looked at it.


Not sorted yet! Tried holding the buttons in with the ignition, no joy.

Saw Renault on Saturday, but I missed the techs by 5 mins!!! Spoke to the sales rep, he said could be one of two things. A simple case of pushing the right buttons or ( god forbid! ) replacing the entire dash! Seems abit extreme to me, but its got to be fixed and I will have to wait and see. The sales rep didnt think it was a comman problem, WE KNOW DIFFERENT! I wont be suprised if hes wrong about replacing the entire dash, going back next Sat.

Lets wait and see,

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I believe the Captain is against alarms, not just Renaults, as no one takes much notice of them. As long as you have a good immobiliser your car is pretty safe. However, as I believe you are installing extra ICE in yours an alarm would be useful, but why Renaults when you can get much better ones for less that will decrease your insurance payouts?

P.S. Mine came from Motorpoint and trip works fine.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

ok, so what alarm do you recommend?, money is no problem but something reasonable like between £300 - £500, something decent to cover atleast £2,500 of ICE. I want it all integrated in the original key fob, no additional fobs etc. Also, what is the deal with the trip computer? How does it operate (so i know how to test it when i pick the car up on tuesday) is it just a case of pushing the button in on the end of the stalk to switch screens/options, (ive no idea how it works),


Gaz 2130
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Once the engine is running you just push the button on the end on the (right-hand) stalk and it shows all it knows - trip meter, mpg, miles left in tank, average speed etc.