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172 Cup new owner


ClioSport Club Member
Hey guys

new here, just bought 172 cup intending to use it for track days (and some road use to get to the track and back (hopefully) :)
I am quite new to this, so have a few questions about a car prep, hope you can share wisdom:
- I want to change all fluids, just to be on a safe side, what would you recommend:
- ending oil (what brand/type)
- brake fluid
- coolant
- gearbox oil
All for track day use
- track tyres (what brand/model and size for the 16 inch wheels)

Anything else I need to do before heading to the track day?

I will be at Brands Hatch on 11th of may and Thruxton on the 14 of June- anyone there at the same days?

my name is Anton, by the way :)