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172 Cup - which parts are specific to the cup?

I'm looking for some help from the collective experience of CS!

172 Cup parts (I think) fall into three categories:

  1. Parts which are the same as a Ph2 172 (for example the sideskirts)
  2. Parts which are the same as a base model clio (windscreen)
  3. Parts which were bespoke to the cup (alternator belt tensioner setup for example)
Since most parts will be shared with a 172, I'd like to know where base model parts were used and which parts are cup specific please.

Please can we avoid "OMG the cup is awesome, so much better, 172 slayer, it's half the weight innit" as well as "my nannas mates aunties labrador once told me the windscreen was thinner" - objective differences you've seen yourself please.