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172 doors

Normal doors are the same as the 172 ones.

Demon Tweeks sell a kit its not cheap I won't guess a price but it remember being shocked.
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They are over a grand most places :S but it is a good quality kit. Dont touch cheaper versions there have been so many people who have had their doors fall off.
  R35 GTR
Dont do it! Where the door slams shut it bangs against the sill and fooks the paint, have you seen the clio lambo in the flesh?:dead:
  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
LSD Bolt on kits are pretty good quality, They are about £1100 and then id say a couple of hundred for fitting. This isa bolt on kit with extended wirign looms etc etc.

IIRC Lambo clios were custom made welded on jobbies, by Xquisite.