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172 ET offset

  Lionel Richie

Both the valver and 172 (all clios) have a 4x100 PCD. I recently had phase 1 clio 16v wheels on my clio (but my original 15s wouldnt fit straight on a valver, they need spacers)
  Lionel Richie

In theory yes, i think!!!! But dont trust me!!!! Theyll go on, but you will probably need spacers of some description

Im always confused by this one, but I thought that if a wheel had say a 38 offset, and you wanted to put them on a car which as standard had a 48 offset, you would put spacers on as well, but you cant do it the other way round can you? or am I thinking the wrong way round?
  Lionel Richie

Im not too sure on this one either mate!!!! My std clio wheels are 48 and are really far into the cars body, but my 17s are 37 and stick out much further, which suggests the lower the number, the further they stick out, if you get what i mean?????


Im an expert in valvers!:D

The offset on a valver is 36 so you would need 12mm spacers as the offset is the distance from the centre of the wheel (width wise) to the mounting point.


So youre saying that if ya stick (for the sake of argument) valver wheels on a 172 if would widen the track by 24mm overall?

Well yeah,

Suppose so! It would just be like fitting 12mm spacers onto your 172 wheels.

After all thats all they did for the cup.


Not sure if the 172 offset is different to other model Clios post 98

Oz wheels for and model after 98 are shipped with the same offset as they are for the 16v which is 38

Which is good since I have just bought some ;)