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172 exclusive interior

  Mk1 172 Exclusive No.17

Has anyone got any pictures of the 172 exclusive interior, if so please could you post them up for me.

Failing that a description of it would be great.

Im on exams at the moment so someone please make my day and get me some pics.


From what I remember the exclusive had grey leather seats - light grey. IMHO they looked awful, very cheap looking, especially as most of the dash is the same color - I think the suede and nappa are far better - but like i said - just my opinion - no intention to dis anyone with an exclusive!!

The rest of the interior was standard MK1 172 i think.

Cant see the appeal of this model TBH, but they are rare I know.


They are cream coloured all leather seats and did not have the RenaultSport logo on, they like all 172/182 do have, the rest is the same i think..........

strange... in my contry there is no option such "leather seats"... it comes standard with a dark with grey alcantara (perforated).. thats standard in uk too?
  Subaru Forrester

The first Exclusive I saw was at the San Remo rally in October 2001 and that definitely had black leather seats. Maybe that was a Euro only spec, I dunno.
  E87 118i

that exclusive interior is very drab, not nearly as nice as the mk 172, best ever.....

The exclusive interior looks very similar to the front seats fitted to my dads old Laguna V6 Monaco. Look totally out of place on a Clio RS tho!