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172 foglights onto 1.2?

  F56 MINI Cooper S
Will foglights from a 172 fit my 02 clio 1.2? pretty sure they will just wanted to make sure.
  F56 MINI Cooper S
yeah, i bought, well ordered the brackets from renault today for £11. so this will be a simply fit will it mate?
  renault clio 182ff
not really as the wiring is there on the front bumper but not to the fuse box or the stalk, i have the wiring diagram some where if u need it can get a pic some time and send you it, i wired mine in to the main beam with a relay mate ;)
  F56 MINI Cooper S
i will not be wiring them up though, they are just for looks only. surely its not going to be tough to fit
  F56 MINI Cooper S
can some one confirm that i have been given the right brackets from renault, are they supposed to go in from the back of the hole? they are too big to go in from the front?