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172 Help

Hello all, just wondering if any of u could help me out on a few problems?

Firstly, ive been through a lot of the forums but couldnt really find what i was after.. i have a Mk1 172 Import - it was fitted with a cobra 0144 alarm by renault UK (This is the standard one i think as it works on the renault key fobs) However its been put in absoulutly sh*t and doesnt work too good! :mad:

I managed to stop it going off all the time by adjusting its sensitivity on the optional 5409 unit but im still taking it out to rewire properly!! What im looking for is any details on this alarm, a copy of the handbook would be nice and also if any one has access to any wiring diagrams of either the clio or the cobra alarm that would be great!! If any one can get me a few pictures of where the standard UK clios car alarm unit is mounted and the siren etc (also does it have a switch for the bonnet, and if so where is it? can i get a pic?) theres a beer in it 4 ya ;)

Not asking for much i know, lol - but i want me clio to be spot on!! Ive already been in touch with cobra but didnt get owt back of em yet.. im gonna try renault but i dunno if there gonna be much help given the state the alarm was put in by em!! :confused:

Thanx for any replies, Bri :cool:

Yea man, i got two documents off them for car alarm installations on the clio up to 98 and from 2001- but they arnt of much help and to be fair didnt match up with the sh*t wiring done by renault!

Im still waiting to hear back from them again as all im looking for is deatailed information of the alarm wiring...