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172 mk1 dash - blue lighting

  ph1 titanium 172

Whilst browsing the web for pictures of 172s i came across a picture of a 172 mk1 dash with blue instead of the .ahem. boring orange/red. Anyone have any idea how easy this is to do to my mk1 172 ?

A few people here have done it.

Its not for the fait hearted in my opinion.

You have to remove the Surface mount LEDs and re-solder blue ones on.
  ph1 titanium 172

Thanks for the reply mate. I did find some more info after writing this thread and it seems to be alot of work, and if i get my soldering iron out im liable to fu** it all up lol.

On a seperate note, do any of you guys live around worcester ? be good to meet up with some other clio sport people sometime.

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