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172 MK2 Door insert price???

  Monaco Blue Mk2
^Bit harsh mate lol. hkka isn't english so he's doing well for us to understand him, I'm sure we wouldn't be able to make a word of sense in his language!

I was under the impression they were more expensive than £15? I think the ph1 172 ones are about £70 for the pair?
hkka said:
Can someone provide me the part numebr of them??? THANKS!

These are for the 172 2001 phase one.

7700 433 530 E.T.F 7700 411 270 E.FONCE 7700 411 268 BEO
left hand side: 7700 433 533 E.T.F 7700 411 269 E.FONCE 7700 411 267

You just missed them sold on e-bay for £21, the replacement ones I bought from Renault did cost £80.