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172 MK2 First Impression

Collected the car yesterday, carefull not to stall it in front of eveybody when pulling off the forecourt, ok so far, then I pressed the brakes, after scraping my face off the windscreen I thought Wow those brakes are good.

I have driven about 200 miles over the weekend and cant stop smiling when I put my foot down. Might have to call in sick Monday Just want to drive it.

:) :)

dont have a cup but a1.4 16v...pulled a sickie to buy her, another sickie to pick her up and two sickies after that just to drive her around......:)



I took a couple of mates to and from Heathrow just to pile the miles on. Done almost 1500 since picking it up at the start of this month. Its just getting better and better.

Enjoy the new car. :)

Thanks for your comments if it gets better I will have to finish work, but then wont be able to pay for it. !!!:oops:


  Audi TT Stronic

The brakes on the 172 are awesome eh ! when I first picked up my 172 I was making everyone headbut the windscreen.. lol

its just aswell too, cause the little car can get up to high speeds rather quickly. :D
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

You 2 may as well walk the journeys you take! :sleep:

All the pre 96 Renos ive drove have had poor brakes, but the Megane before this new thing had the BEST standard brakes EVER! No argument accepted. ;)