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172 Mk2 top grille - Part no

Anyone know the part number for the top 172 Mk2 grille? you know, the one with the square gaps?

Wanting to get another to have a bit of a play with a couple of things.

Anyone know?

Thanks Ben, I just rang my local Renault dealer, and they cost £160 odd!!!!!!! Feck, I think I need to find one coming of one getting broken up!

I take it its the same removal/fitting as the Dynamique? Its just I was talking to Fred on tuesday night, and he had his off the car at the time, so it put the idea in my mind to had a go at some styling on it, either colour code it, or mesh - when I find some that I like, but without wrecking my original one...... but 160 odd quid, thats shed loads.....

JillyB - I cant be made of money, Id go all soggy in the rain

Cptn - Its the bit that aint shown on the diagram, its the piece that goes over and either side of the renault diamond, the black bit with all the square holes


Whats the part nos for 3 - Id like to get one of these and mesh it

Also, where did you get the picture from? Do you have a CD with the parts/codes on, a bit like Fords FINIS part system? If so, could I possibly request a copy?!

yep !!!.

thats straight form their parts list m8.. just quote the part number to them.


See. reno are so sh*te sometimes, they cant even tell you which part ya need lol..

Joe, Ive just talked to Renault again, and they are saying that the top grille for the 172 mk2 is part no. 6000 073 772, and its £167 (Dont know if thats +vat or not)

The part no. that you gave was for the standard mk3 clio (Or phase 3, whatever) like Freds Dynamique etc. and you are dead on with the price

:-/ - bugger.

haha capt!!

thats me 2up....

well, against your 128!

hehe, ew had a correction set to us in the book form....if thaqt sentance made any sense

I just cant believe that Renault make two parts that are exactly the same apart from the grille pattern, and one is 4 times as much as the other!!!!!! sickening really


I have also had this idea and saw the car with it missing on 10/9. I am planning to replace the lower grill in the bumper with mesh but also want to do the top grill. Let me know if you sort anything out in the meantime i will have a play and see if i can come up with anything.


I noticed in the latest issue of Fast Car that one lad had sprayed his silver (page 160 or so) It looked o.k on his car as it was blue. but i dont think it would have the same affect on your silver one.