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172 no power

Only happend a few time's I start the can it rev's up hight then I pull away it wont rev and feels like the cars is being held back by some thing if I turn the car off and restart the car's ok again any clues ?
Well my airbag light was on and engine light but these have been on since I've own the car think that because the plug under the seat, it does feel limp mode is this a common problem? It won't let my rev the car or go over say 20mph
It only doing it when warm, first start's fine drive well then when you stop for some thing like fuel then restart the car it's like it's in limp mode if you switch off the engine then restart it's ok again
  Monaco Clio 172
you need to get a code reader. i dont thing the engine light comes on for the wires under the seat
Sorry airbag light and service light, I'm getting a new map sensor and I'll get a good code reader next week
  LY 220 Trophy+IB PH1
What's it limited to on the Rev's ? as above ideally you need a code reader, or you could spend a wedge guessing.
I've changed the map sensor and think its done the trick but engine light is on so might have to reset it
Yes mate it did I got one off eBay for £25 GSF wanted £60 the engine light came on after I played with the old one then fitted the new one and it stayed on for about 2 days started the car today and it stayed off