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172 poly bushes

I believe that the feeling is that standard replacements are better as the polybushes 'dry out'(?) and squeak too, as well as failing within a couple of years...

I might be wrong though!

I went standard when I overhauled my suspension on the valver :)
  172 cup'd extreme
from a person who has them , if you like squeeking then yeah go for it, i lube mine up every few weeks
oh and the 172 ones that k-tec etc sell dont fit the 172 the anti roll bar is fatter
Dont like poly, they dont feel right.

New OE rubbers are best due to compound arcs that suspension components travel in.

Poly bushes bind up and squeek.
Ive fitted them on my "TT" and noticed a difference - fit A/R/B bushes as well if your gonna do it