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172 pulling to left :-(

My 172 (mk2) has started pulling to the left, which is a right pain in the a&*%. Ive checked the tyre pressures - they are fine. The car has not had any heavy knocks or hit anything which might send the tracking out.

So, any ideas on what it might be and how it can be fixed, BEFORE I go booking it into Renault?

The drivers seat seems to have worked loose too....but Im sure I can tighten it up...

Mine did that, till i had it ajusted I had a service the other week and the loan car did it, is just the set up, the dealer will adjust it, FOC if you speak nicely and have not hit any kerbs hard.

pulls? when accelerating or when at staedy speeds? if u let go of the wheel yacar is meantto drift left so if u fall asleep u dont go into oncoming traffic

calibrate weels alignd direction at your local weel garadge.. the problem is from the alignment.. probably you bumped into a hole.. if not probably it lost the alingnment with trasportation..

The car has done 4500 miles now, since May last year and has been fine up until a few weeks ago. Ill take it into Renault and see what they have to say...