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172 roof dents

Has anyone noticed these? I have 2 on each side, just in front of where the spoiler starts and just behind the doors, each about 15 cms long. They look like creases more than dents. Any ideas what could cause them?
  Ford Fiesta

if they are on each side they may be meant to be there?? if not try Dentmasters on 0800433687. Im getting these guys out to me next tuesday morning to get rid of a small (1" or less) dent/slight crease. They will get to it by going in from inside from behind internal trim. Its under rear window half way between window and rub strip. He said I wont be able to tell hes been there and the crease will not be visible afterwards. Hope so. These guys do this type of work every day and ive been told they work for renault garages doing the same, so should be a good job.

:oops:What I dont want to do is spend money having them taken out if they just come back. Can anyone think of what could cause them?:oops:
  7.6cc :D

hmmm ive not noticed any :confused:

saying that though, im not the most observant person in the world :p

Are you sure they arnt just part of the car?

I dont think so. I had a 1.6 16V Sport before, also Silver and that didnt have them. It had a sunroof though and developed them after a while around the back of the sunroof, apparently from body flex. Could this be the same thing?

:confused:Ok, but what actually causes them? Is it body flex as I suspect? Is there anything I can do to stop them coming back if I remove them?